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Teen, 19 threatens to call cops when dad gets physical with girlfriend

A GLADSTONE man has been told to leave a toxic relationship of seven years and to put himself and his son first.

The man pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to six charges including one count of assault occasioning bodily harm, two counts of breaching bail, the contravention of a domestic violence order, the contravention of a direct requirement from police and the contravention of release conditions.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said the most serious offence occurred of October 8, when the defendant and the aggrieved got in a physical fight.

At about 6.50pm police were called to a Gladstone resident whether the defendant and his partner for more than seven years were located.

The defendant's 19-year-old son was downstairs playing video games at the time of offending, the court heard.

Facts of the case revealed that both the defendant and the aggrieved had been out at the pub drinking together, however, the aggrieved began the trek home on foot to the unit they shared, getting home at about 5pm.

The defendant got home one hour later, walked upstairs to find the aggrieved in the bedroom.

The pair began to verbally fight, however, it took a turn when the defendant grabbed the aggrieved by hair hair and pulled her off the bed.

The court heard he held her up against the wall and covered her mouth with his hand.

Despite this, the fight was very loud, with the son shouting from downstairs to "shut up" or he would call the police.

The defendant punched the aggreived's shoulder, causing her to fall backwards onto the bed.

The police arrived on scene, the defendant was detained, despite denying the allegations made by the aggrieved and taken to the watch-house.

The next day the aggrieved attended the hospital, and then the police station to make a formal complaint.

The court heard the relationship between the pair ended, and a no-contact order was made against the defendant by the aggrieved.

But the defendant breached this order when he contacted his ex-partner over Facebook messenger, asking about his dog.

In an emotional state, the defendant told the court that it was hard because the aggrieved had taken his dog. He said the messaging between the pair was to organise a visit for the aggrieved to bring over his dog.

However, the contact was reported to police. Another breach of bail occurred on January 7 at about 1.45pm when police were called to the unit, where both the defendant and the aggreived were located.

The court heard the pair were having an argument when the defendant told his ex-partner to leaving the house. Instead, she went outside to the balcony to have a cigarette. The court heard the defendant locked the aggrieved out and told her leave, but she continued to bang on the door until he let her back in.,

The aggrieved ran upstairs and locked herself in the bedroom, threatening to call the police if he came in.

The police attended, and the defendant was arrested. The last breach of bail occurred when he did not provide his identifying particulars to police in relation to the most recent offence.

The defendant told the court that he continued to allow the aggrieved at the unit because "she had nowhere else to go".

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho told the defendant that the best advice she could give was to listen to his son.

"You and your ex-partner seem to be drawn to each other and its bad because it just starts arguments," she said.

"You need to put your son first, and look after yourself before considering anyone else.

He was placed on an 18-month probation and ordered to complete anger management and domestic violence counselling.

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