COMEBACK AGAIN: Participants in Go Back To Where You Came From.
COMEBACK AGAIN: Participants in Go Back To Where You Came From. EL DARMAWAN

TV COLUMN: Good time to come back and raise issue

SBS has always been a channel that pushes the boundaries.

It is fearless when it comes to presenting quality content on free-to-air TV.

Go Back to Where You Came From returned to SBS after a three-year hiatus and it's more relevant than ever as it shines the spotlight on the refugee debate.

The six participants have varying views on the issue, highlighted when they meet refugees living in Australia and also when they experience what life is like for people living in Syria.

In the mix of participants are Jodi and Renee, sisters with opposing views, and Davy, a former refugee from Vietnam.

If you haven't seen the show, you are forgiven if you think Davy is on the side of refugees.

He isn't. Instead, he questions how genuine the more recent refugees are. In his own words, he thinks people who don't like the Australian way of life should pack their bags and go home.

Renee and Jodi amp up the entertainment factor, not holding back when arguing with each other about refugees in Australia.

The other participants are campaigner Kim, primary school teacher Andrew, and detention centre whistleblower Nicole.

Of these three, Kim and Andrew are against refugees settling here, whereas Nicole is supportive of refugees and believes the off-shore detention centres should be shut down.

If you missed this show, I highly recommend you watch it on the SBS website as it challenges preconceived ideas about refugees and highlights the reasons behind their decision to settle in Australia.

Yes, national security is a matter of great importance, but surely there is a better way of handling the refugee situation.

If ever a fourth series is made, might I suggest PM Tony Abbott be a participant?

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