PENSIONER’S PAIN: Terri Simpson tells how an intruder burgled her home while she slept.
PENSIONER’S PAIN: Terri Simpson tells how an intruder burgled her home while she slept. David Barwell

'Gutless' intruder steals from sleeping pensioner

POLICE are searching for a "gutless" intruder who robbed an elderly woman while she was asleep at her Coffs Harbour home.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, an intruder broke into the home of 75-year-old pensioner Terri Simpson and stole her television and purse.

Terri, who is recovering from recent major lung surgery, said the incident had left her feeling unsafe in her own home and unable to sleep at night.

"To know someone has been crawling through your house is just the worst feeling," she said.

"I'm an elderly woman living alone and my heart is racing at every noise I hear - your body can't take it."

On Friday night, Terri had been enjoying the television coverage of the football at her Perry Dr home.

She said she had been "so exhilarated" by the game that she had stayed awake until shortly after midnight.

But while she was asleep, an intruder jumped over the property's six-foot fence and entered the house through an unlocked side door.

The intruder stole a $1500 60-inch LCD Sharp television and a purse containing $90 in cash, as well as health and credit cards.

On Monday, Terri had to make dozens of phone calls to replace the cards, as well as assessing the personal loss of items, including a photo of her great granddaughter which had been in her pause.

"The money stolen is a lot of money for me," she said.

"I receive an aged pension, so I'm living from fortnight to fortnight."

Having lived at the property for 12 years, Terri said the incident has made her question the safety of her own home.

"I remember a time when you could leave all your doors and windows to your house open and you'd feel safe," she said.

"You would think you'd be protected with a fence that high" she said.

"I'm just grateful that I didn't wake up while it was happening.

"Who knows what would have happened.

"I hope whoever did this gets caught soon because they might do the same thing to some other people," Terri said.

An investigation is underway by Coffs Harbour Police.

Anyone with information into the incident is urged to call 6652 0299.

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