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Is Pauline Hanson saying what everyone is thinking?

NEVER one to shy away from controversy, Pauline Hanson's comments generally split Australians into one of two camps.

While plenty of the QT's Facebook followers expressed their support for Ms Hanson's comments, Cr Paul Tully's entrance into the debate served to make him a target of some pretty unflattering remarks - often in the same breath.

For all those who look back on the events of nearly 20 years ago and point to Ms Hanson as a racist, there are almost as many who believe that the former Member for Oxley was right in her stance on immigration all along.

Selena Davis attracted a barrage of to and fro with her support for Ms Hanson: "Pauline Hanson warned us years ago this would happen and no one listened. Humble pie much. You have my vote Pauline Hanson."

This comment was followed by 23 replies, mostly from those who opposed Ms Hanson.

Among them was this one from Bec Draper: "Wasn't she ranting about the Asians taking over, last time she climbed up on her soapbox and set up camp there? She is as racist as they come, and the fear and hate that falls out if her is nearly as overwhelming as the ignorance and idiocy. She wasn't right all along, she was wrong and she is still wrong."

Ali Burns also attracted a long list of replies with this comment: "Why? Because she's saying what everyone else is too scared to say? She seems to be the only standing up for the wellbeing of this country. It's very sad when those that have the power to make a difference are too busy trying to be politically correct."

The comment had 122 likes, but also some replies from those who strongly disliked it.

Among them was Edward Platt, who made a very simple point: "Why isn't she elected then Ali, if everyone wants to say it?"

There was also this comment from Caroline Hillcoat: "Don't include me in your 'everyone' comment - Pauline is an embarrassment."

Among those supporting Ms Hanson's comments, there seemed to be a recurring theme of believing that she spoke for a large proportion of ordinary Australians.

Robin Le Bherz typified this sentiment: "Tully is a security threat not Pauline, at least she is saying what every one is thinking and wanting pollies to do not like you Tully."

Pauline Hanson has been tagged "a national security risk" by Cr Paul Tully in the wake of her inflammatory remarks since the Paris terrorist attacks:

Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Monday, November 16, 2015

Vivien Garman Konwerski said her experience as a detention centre officer had taught her that the threat Ms Hanson speaks of is real: "Talk to some immigration detention officers like me. Go Pauline! Not listening to people who have done the hard yards in the centres is a security risk. I have a fellow officer who worked as an intelligence officer, who saw all of this happening 10 years ago. Wake up and talk to those who still have the scars from working in detention when all the boats were coming in."

On the other hand, there were many QT Facebook followers who were eager to point out that Ms Hanson did not represent their views on the subject.

Ailsa Walsh didn't hold back: "She is vomit. Everything she has said and will say is vomit. First it was us Aboriginals then Asians now Muslims. She needs to just disappear."

The comment got 50 likes and seven comments from supporters, including Ebony Tameeka Lee Bowman: "Agree, pretty sure she was the one that said she does not like the mardi gras because it is promoting something unnatural, that Asians are swamping the country even when the figures proved her wrong, and aboriginals should get over what happened 200 years ago, hmmm."

Whose views do you most identify with: Pauline Hanson's or Paul Tully's?

This poll ended on 24 November 2015.

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