LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Cameraman Mark Deadman, Roger Vickery, and producer Fiona Deadman.
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Cameraman Mark Deadman, Roger Vickery, and producer Fiona Deadman. Jorja McDonnell

Hay and TV crew roll into Mitchell

DECLARING that yesterday's hay run brought the rain with it may be presumptuous, but both events were welcome relief in Mitchell.

Four road trains stacked with as much hay as each trailer could carry had journeyed from Brisbane to make the delivery.

The convoy of trucks and utes also caught the attention of a TV crew from Channel 7, who were filming a segment for the Creek to Coast program.

One of the show's presenters, Roger Vickery, said they had travelled with the hay run from Brisbane and overcame some difficulty to be there.

"Hay is what brought us to Mitchell, and we brought some rain, because we decided they needed that too,” he said.

"About halfway between Dalby and our pit stop at Muckadilla, one of our trucks had a mechanical failure.

"We had to take the hay off the trailer, put the vehicle on it, and leave the hay somewhere.

"So we left it with a farm that had some hungry looking animals, but no one was home at the time, so it was a surprise when the owner came back to see the bales with a note.

"He called us back this morning and said 'I've got a bobcat here, I can load it back on your trucks when you come back through'.

"We said, 'absolutely not, those are yours', and he was really thankful for them.”

The donation had been organised by ARB 4x4 accessories, with store owners from across Queensland putting in money to buy the bales.

As bales were hastily being unloaded at the showgrounds, Shaneen Sweeney, owner of ARB Burleigh Heads and Biggera Waters, said they came together because the business owners wanted to do their bit.

"We felt that we wanted to do something to help the farmers, and being that ARB is synonymous with rural Australia, we thought that we could do something,” Shaneen said.

"So we got in touch with Buy a Bale, then all the store owners donated money, and now we have a whole lot of hay that we are ready to deliver to farmers.”

Sam Hockey, ARB stockist representative, said the Mitchell hay run was borne from a recent company trip which had taken them even further west.

"We recently did a trip out to Birdsville and a lot of the store owners saw for the first time how dry it is out here,” he said.

"I think it hit close to home with all of us, and Shaneen then brought it up in one of our meetings to do something as a group and it has been fantastic.

"We've had a great result from all over Queensland, and from across Australia as well.

"People here are our customers and helping them out is what we love to do.”

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