Mission: Help NORTEC find 1000 jobs in 100 days

NORTEC Staffing Solutions is on a mission to fill 1000 jobs in 100 days.

It's the sixth year the employment and industry training provider has run the campaign to boost employment outcomes for jobseekers in the region.

Northern NSW has traditionally had a high unemployment rate with Labour Force figures indicating as high as 6.5% for the Richmond to Tweed area in June.

Tourism, hospitality and retail are the highest employing industries, followed by construction, health and community services, education, professional services, manufacturing and agriculture.

For the first time last year, the campaign just fell short of the 1000 jobs mark, reaching 984 secure job placements for local jobseekers.

This year they are hoping to blitz the campaign.

Marketing co-ordinator Michelle Dowding said they might even increase the figure to 1500 or 2000 jobs next year.

"We really don't know how we'll go this year with the new offices and region," she said.

"This year is about gauging the numbers but the campaign is really about highlighting employment issues in the region as much as a motivational drive for NORTEC staff and the general community to get on board.

"This year we are running a State vs State (Origin style) competition between our NSW and Queensland regions - first to the 1000 wins.

"We're quite a competitive bunch. But the ultimate aim of the campaign, and indeed at NORTEC, is to improve socio-economic outcomes for our region."

To further provide community incentive, just by lodging a job vacancy with NORTEC, employers go into the draw to win one of three $1000 donations for the charity of their choice.

The easiest way to lodge a vacancy is online at http://www.nortec.org.au, or phone 1800 667 832.

The 1000 Jobs in 100 days campaign started on August 1 and goes until November 8.

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