Herpes ridden female QLD teacher in student sex romp

A QUEENSLAND teacher has been banned from applying to get her registration back until 2020 after details of a sexual encounter she had with a male student were revealed in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. 

The relationship between the teacher and the student began when they started exchanging emails about halfway through his final year of school in May 2014. 

The QCAT judgment stated the pair discussed whether or not the teacher would bring the student a gift back from overseas, his girlfriend, schoolwork and how he was "one of (the teacher's) favourite students."

Later the discussion turned to the student's recent drug use and he complained about suffering anxiety as a result. 

The teacher comforted him by confiding her own drug experiences. 

The pair also started playing a game of telling each other who at the school they'd slept with. 

About this time the student told the teacher he was dreaming of sleeping with her after the school formal. 

And a few months later she told him she would have a hotel room that night. 

The room had actually been booked by one of two other teachers for the purposes of getting ready to help run the formal, however, the others planned to leave instead of staying the night. 

And things nearly came unstuck when one of the other teachers spotted the student standing near the hotel. 

"On being queried by Ms T (not her real name) about his travel arrangements, the student said words to the effect that he was waiting for his girlfriend who was almost there," the QCAT judgment read. 

A short while later the pair were up in the room drinking a bottle of Vodka the teacher had brought along. 

And just as they were about to have sex the teacher said: "'this is a bad idea, we shouldn't do this."

The student replied with: "'this is something I have to do."

At which point the teacher told him she had herpes. 

She explained she was not symptomatic but he could catch it and end up with it for the rest of his life. 

"It's okay I have a condom," the student replied. 

They then had sex but when he went to the bathroom afterwards he noticed a split in the condom. 

And later the student became so anxious he had contracted the disease he told his girlfriend and his mother. 

In a decision handed down on November 8 but published today QCAT member Kerrie O'Callaghan stated: "The community entrusts teachers with the care of young people for the purpose of education." 

"(The teacher) has committed a serious breach of trust. We find that a ground for disciplinary action against (the teacher) is established, namely that she is not suitable to teach."

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