‘I had failed as a mother to protect her from you.’

THE mothers of two pre-pubescent girls sexually abused by a Capricorn Coast dad when they visited his place for sleep overs with his daughter, who he was also abusing, have spoken with The Morning Bulletin after he was sentenced.

See the full sentencing story here: Dad rapes daughter, her friend and produces child porn

Bianca's mother, who read out her victim impact statement in Rockhampton District Court yesterday, looked directly at the man who took her daughter's innocence away and left her with a life sentence and told him: "you disgust me more than words can say … You make me sick."

She said the 11 year prison term handed down by Judge Michael Burnett was what the defendant deserved.

Alice's mother said the families and victims feared the defendant would get a much lesser sentence.

"I can sleep easy at night now," she said.

She said her daughter was undergoing intensive counselling.

"She's going really well," the mother said.

"She's accepted what's happened to her."

She said the biggest part that had eased her mind was that the 11-year sentence meant the defendant was automatically declared a Serious Violent Offender and had to serve at least 80 per cent of his sentence. It is automatic for sentences of 10 years or more.

Bianca's mother's victim impact statement:

"I could never even imagine how one phone call over two years ago could shatter my whole world.

You have no idea how this has consumed me, my thoughts, the guilt, the anger and the sadness that has overtaken my life.

These are your actions that you did to my daughter.

You disgust me more than words can say.

I was unable to get out of bed for weeks except for when my kids got home from school, I would get up and pretend everything was OK and as soon as they were back at school I would just lay in bed, unable to function properly doing everyday things.

I had to keep going for her so she knew everything was OK and it was not her fault. Sitting with your daughter bawling together and having to tell her it was not her fault is not something you would ever wish on anyone.

As a mother of a young daughter, you have so many dreams and hopes for her and I thought I had protected her from any evil until now. I had failed as a mother to protect her from you. You are truly evil.

You took this away from her, her innocence. She was only a child. Her first interest in boys, her first boyfriend. All of these and more taken away. All of this for your own selfish wants. You make me sick.

You will serve your time, then be out again and live your life. Not for my daughter or myself. Things will never go back to how it was.

My daughter has to live with what you did to her for the rest of her life - a life sentence.

The older she gets and experiences all these things with boys her own age is when it's going to resurface over and over again. An experience which should be exciting and fun, but thanks to you it won't be.

Do you know how much I have struggled knowing she's OK on an everyday basis?

Of course you don't. A normal person would not have done this to anyone let alone a child.

To the outside world, my daughter seems like any teenage girl, but she's not. She has not wanted to talk to anyone about this - to police or counsellors - and has been keeping it all to herself. Except for last year - she wanted to talk to her teacher about it all but because you are so protected, it took everyone two weeks to allow her to speak to her teacher which had to be in front of the school counsellor. Tell me how that is fair?

You even knew I didn't like you. I never really knew why, but I didn't trust you for some reason. I had even rung her father to plead with him to not allow her to have sleepovers at your house.

In the past two years, I have observed the impact of your abuse on my daughter. She is a changed person. She now wants to engage in extreme behaviours. This has been observed by teachers at her school.

She has shut down emotionally and will not discuss anything about this and has also stated if you were to plead not guilty and she was to have to face court, she was going to run away. I even asked her if she would like to write a victim impact statement and it was a firm 'no'. She does not want to even acknowledge anything about it.

She recently disclosed to a family member that she "wants to leave the Capricorn Coast as soon as she finished school". Why is that? Because she is carrying the shame of your sick behaviour and wants to escape from what's happened. She shouldn't have to do this because the shame belongs to YOU. YOU are the one perpetrator. Not her!

My daughter was an unwanted recipient of your demands due to her age and vulnerability. You were aware of this but still proceeded to satisfy your own desires.

You are not a safe person to have in our community.

My only wish is that YOU would get castrated after this court case and then, and only then, I would know other children would be safe from your hands.

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