Joh Hancock.
Joh Hancock.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Celebrating voices of the Maranoa

More than a century on after the electoral system was changed to allow women to stand for Local Government, one of the Maranoa's most influential women, councillor Joh Hancock, has paid tribute to the women that fought for equality and the person who gave her the blueprints to be successful, her mother.

Elected to Maranoa Regional Council in 2020 alongside fellow female colleagues, councillors Julie Guthrie and Wendy Taylor, Cr Hancock highlighted the strong representation of women within the organisation, including CEO Julie Reitano and Director Sharon Frank.

"We are now seeing more and more women standing for local government elections," Cr Hancock said.

Cr Hancock said March 8, International Women's Day, provides an opportunity to celebrate all the achievements that women have been involved in to get us to where we are now in 2021.

"(IWD is) to celebrate being a woman and to never forget the sacrifices of the amazing women who have gone before us, so that we have the privilege to live like we do today," Cr Hancock said.

"My mum has been the most influential and inspiring woman to shape my life.

"The advice she gave me was that I could do anything I want if I was prepared to work for it."

The mothersaid she was taught always to be honest, kind, respectful and if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well, which is evident in the work she does as a councillor and the time she spares for community members.

The councillor's message to the next generation of women on IWD is "life is not a sprint but a marathon, learn to embrace and enjoy each season of your life" and that "I believe that when men and women work together, they compliment each other and the best outcomes are achieved".

The Western Star reached out with questions to Maranoa councillor Julie Guthrie, however due to a mishap and error within the Maranoa Regional Council communication team, we did not receive a response from her.

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