Ipswich Judge slams 'disgraceful' ice-dealing mum

AN IPSWICH Judge has slammed an ice-addicted mother who was dealing drugs 34 times in a month for being a "disgraceful role model" for her children.

Cara Muggeridge's ice addiction led her to supply drugs from her Leichhardt home to her close friends to fund her habit.

It was the 36-year-old's three children that convinced Judge Dennis Lynch not to send her to prison for supplying drugs 34 times in a month last year.

In sentencing in Ipswich District Court on Wednesday, Judge Lynch said it was "difficult" to hear about the mother's habit and the potential impact it had on her children.

The court heard she used up to a point (0.1g) of methamphetamine a day at the height of her addiction.

"You have got a six-year-old and two other children and to think you have put them at such a risk. You have been a disgraceful role model to them," he said.

"What you've managed to do is put yourself before your children and if you were to be imprisoned they would fall to your mother or the state.

"It was probably your children that saved you on this occasion but they won't save you in the future."

Mudderidge told Judge Lynch she was expecting to be imprisoned for her crimes.

"I thought I wasn't going to be walking out of here today," she said.

Mudderidge was caught when police raided her Leichhardt home in May last year.

She told police she would "buy a 50" ($50 worth) and "keep a bud (of cannabis) for herself".

Mudderidge said she did not "sell drugs to people she shouldn't be selling them to and she didn't make any money from it".

She pleaded guilty to 34 counts of supplying drugs (including actual supply, acts prepatory to supply and party to supply) and one count of possessing drug utensils.

Judge Lynch sentenced her to 18 months imprisonment with immediate parole.

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