Roma Magistrates Court
Roma Magistrates Court

It wasn’t my fault: 11 crims who played the blame game

FROM blaming it on the booze for a pub fight, to blaming family members for drugs found on their property, many offenders who front our court system seem to play the blame game. T

he Western Star has compiled a list of 11 offenders who've fronted court recently who have blamed anything, anyone other than themselves for their crime.


BLAME GAME: Mental health meds left side effects

SEEKING compensation for the dozens of seizures he experienced each week as a result of medication, an enraged Scott Drayton threatened to kill a Roma mental health worker.


TO BLAME: Alcohol gives me blackouts

"SHE had been experiencing blackouts as a cause of alcohol, and I have advised her that if that is the case, then she should not be drinking."


TO BLAME: My sick wife needed me to drive

DESPITE being three times over the limit, Michael Woodward did not hesitate to get behind the wheel when his sick wife asked him to drive from their property near Surat to Roma for medical supplies.


15 vodka sunrises to blame for nightclub fight

IT WAS after 15 vodka sunrises that Casey Cant assaulted another woman outside the Club Hotel Motel.


Grandma blames her family for marijuana find

A GRANDMOTHER who was caught with more than 50g of marijuana on her property has blamed it on her family taking advantage of her.


BLAME GAME: So drunk he thought it was his house


A HEAVILY intoxicated man claims he believed he was on his own property when he was confronted by the homeowner who understandably asked him to leave.


Man blames drug driving on 'drink spiking' at 14yo birthday party

A BUNDY man claims he was caught drug driving after he was spiked with meth at a party he attended with his son.


Woman breaks banning order, blames it on being thirsty

A SUPERMARKET ban did not faze one woman who wanted to quench her thirst after assuming the notice had expired.


Boredom buster to blame for bowls club theft

A ROMA man old enough to know better will pay the price for his "boredom" after facing Roma Magistrates Court.


Hallucinations to blame for stolen bank card spending spree

A MAN who moved to Roma just a few months ago is already thumbing his nose at town after a spending spree with a stolen bank card.


Sense of 'humour' to blame for pub brawl

CELEBRATIONS quickly turned nasty for a young woman who "thought it would be funny" to clash together the heads of two unsuspecting pub patrons.

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