WATERCOOLER: It’s not the car but the drivers

EVERY now and then, a text or letter to the editor will be printed in the Daily Mercury that runs along the same lines.

It's something that will be sent from different people within the community who all seem to share the same, deep river of resentment towards a certain type of driver.

Well, it's not the driver, but what they are driving and where they park they seem to despise.

I am talking about the people who hate those who park four-wheel drives at shopping centres.

This text, which was sent from a CJ in Mackay, is a classic example: "I think women who drive 4WD wagons should not be allowed to drive in shopping centre car parks. Firstly, a 3-point turn becomes 15-point turn, and secondly, it all seems to be done in slow motion."

Well, cheers mate.

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Clearly CJ from Mackay hates four-wheel drives... and maybe even women.

If you haven't already assumed, I am one of those female drivers who owns a four-wheel drive and shops at Canies.

So yes, you may have seen me carefully reverse from my parking spot before.

But for the record, I think parking is one of my knacks, and I would never walk away from my gorgeous Toyota Prado if it was outside the lines of a parking space. I think it's mostly sedan drivers who can't park within the lines.

That's where the hate should be directed towards. The people who don't bother parking correctly.

Not the careful drivers with exceptional reverse-parallel parking abilities that happen to own a 4WD.

It's not the car that's the problem - it's the drivers!

And just in case you were wondering CJ, I think lady drivers are better than blokes anyway.

WHAT do you think? Are four-wheel-drive drivers worse than others? Let us know in our daily watercooler conversation today.


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