Wendy Taylor.
Wendy Taylor.

IWD: Maranoa business woman and councillor inspired by the future

It's not only the women who have came before Wendy Taylor that inspires the Maranoa councillor and business owner, it's the next generation of ladies.

The message Cr Taylor wishes to share on March 8 for International Women's Day is to "believe in yourself, always", a common theme throughout the life of the woman who went into business with her husband at the age of 25.

"It was a time when women, I believe, just started to take possession of the direction they wanted their lives to go," she said.

"They brought value to the table, fresh ideas and looking to make their mark in their chosen field."
Cr Taylor said IWD is an important day to reflect on women as a whole - "the part we have played, in the past, now and in the future, shaping the next generation and society".

In the Local Government election last year, Cr Taylor soared above and collected a significant amount of votes.

She believes women contribute so much to the council table.

"Helping to shape and listen to the needs of your community, women can play a very important role in this," she said.

As for who inspires the woman helping shape the future of the Maranoa? Her daughters.

"I have three women who inspire and shape my life - my three daughters … they give me all the strength I need to meet my challenges," she said.

She believes the women of today are the most empowered, intellectual and inspiring yet.

The Western Star reached out with questions to Maranoa councillor Julie Guthrie, however due to a mishap and error within the Maranoa Regional Council communication team, we did not receive a response from her.

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