JACQUI Lambie ... shy, much?

In Parliament, she was loud and confrontational.

But when it comes to men, she's ... cautious.

Seven's Sunday Night followed the 47-year-old single mum of two adult kids as she set out on a new crusade to find love.

She put it all out there.

Vibrators. Lingere. A "bit of beef".

Was it all just a cringeworthy bid to maintain her public profile after politics? Or is Lambie for real?


"So I don't have a bloke, first of all, because I guess I've been by myself for so long, I've just switched off on that side of life, and I'm actually finding that quite difficult. So I think a lot of it's got to do with how I feel personally inside. It's just ... I've just been putting it to the side and putting it to the side."

The former soldier and senator says her life's been "all over the show" in recent years. And the idea of dating hadn't entered her mind.

It's been 15 years since she last had a serious relationship.

"Scares the hell out of me, I'll be honest with you, though. Didn't think I had any fear left in me."

So she's decided to take up the dating game again. With a little help from a dating database, and a team of advisers.

"I think it has got a lot to do with me and how I put myself out there. Um, and I think that needs to be done just a little bit differently. Do I still have it? I guess we're all gonna find out in the next three or four weeks. "


So what does she consider to be the perfect man?

"I don't know. I think that's somebody that, you know, can pick up tools, use tools, but can put a suit on," she said. "I don't want a homebody. I want them to have their own career, and their own job.

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"Bit of beef is good."

Lambie says she was always confident she'd know the right man when he was standing in front of her. But no more.

"I don't know how many more men I need to be standing in front of me, so something's definitely wrong here."

What she really wants, she told Seven, was someone to connect with.

"You know, you can say that somebody's a hottie out there. Doesn't mean you're actually going to have a connection with them. Mind you, it's probably easier to have a connection with them when they are a bit of a hottie ..."

Jacqui Lambie speaks with “Craig” during a speed-dating session: Picture: Seven's Sunday Night
Jacqui Lambie speaks with “Craig” during a speed-dating session: Picture: Seven's Sunday Night


Sunday Night followed Lambie to a vibrator party.

"There's nothing embarrassing by going to these parties," she insisted.

She was impressed with the wares.

"It's like a bloody jackhammer," she said. "I'm pretty open to all that side of ... that side of life."

But, Lambie took a more wistful tone once the party was over.

"My cheeks were still hurting the next day from laughing," she said. "There is getting a lot less men out there as us women get older ...

"Who knows? If I get a taste for those marital toys, then I won't need a man in my life, so, you know, we're good."


Did Lambie's finely honed reflexes from combat training and the bearpit of federal politics serve her well during a speed dating session?

"Careful there, mate. My last date just wore me out."

Eventually, a few men won her interest.

One was named "Craig".

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"He's got quite an amazing story. He's quite a ... He seems like quite a decent fella.

He's been working in those indigenous communities for quite some time, which shows he's got some heart and compassion."

Craig also said there may be something there ...

"It wasn't hard to have conversation with Jacqui, so, yeah. you feel very comfortable as well," he said to the prospect of a follow-up Skype conversation. "Oh, well, good. I look forward to it."

Lambie warmed up to the moment.

"It was just natural for me to give him a hug and say goodbye. He certainly didn't take advantage of that or anything like that, so he's off to a pretty good start, really."

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