Jetstar says sorry to woman who expressed milk on flight

A MUM who was expressing milk on a flight from Townsville to Brisbane and asked to cover up has taken to social media to call out the airline company.

Natalie Jane Sawyer said on Facebook she was in a row to herself and pumped when  passengers were seated and the seatbelt sign was on.  

"It shouldnt (sic) matter anyway if i was covered because legally i have a right to pump anywhere, anytime I want and if I feel the need to cover up I will do so and not because people have to walk down the aisle to the toilet," Mrs Sawyer said.  

"I began pumping as soon as all the passengers were seated and was almost finished pumping by the time the seat belt sign was turned off.  

"I think you might need to retrain your staff in my rights as a breastfeeding mother.  

"My mum told me not to because people might have a problem with it so I wanted to take a picture to post on Facebook to show everyone that I did it but when she made me feel like I was doing something dirty rather than something normal I felt like I should just go hide in the toilet."  

Jetstar spokesman Michael Scott said the airline had reached out to Mrs Sawyer on Monday afternoon to express their sincerest apologies.  

"We want all mothers to feel welcome and respected when breastfeeding on board our flights and deeply regret the offence caused by our crew member's remarks," Mr Scott said.  

The Facebook post has since been deleted, though others have since shared news stories about the case to Jetstar's page to express their disgust.

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