Judge slams Mackay driver whose mates fired shots at homes

A DISTRICT Court Judge has slammed a Mackay man's "outlandish behaviour" after he and two mates used stolen guns to shoot at homes and garages across Mackay.

"You drove people around knowing they were taking pot shots at houses. It's all to do with the stupid drug life. It is outlandish behaviour... Just downright disgraceful," Judge Brian Harrison told Tyson Keith Mullins.

He said a photo Mullins and a co-offender had taken posing with two of the stolen guns gave an insight into their mentality.

"You two were posing like complete utter idiots," Judge Harrison said.

Mullins, 22, pleaded guilty to seven counts of causing wilful damage when houses, garages and a car were damaged by the bullets in January 2015. He also pleaded guilty to animal cruelty to a cat named Fluffy, which was shot, and to four counts of supplying drugs - ice, burglary/stealing, entering premises with intent, and burglary when in company.

Mullins had not fired the guns.

The Crown said the guns, including a 12-gauge shotgun, had been stolen from a man's gun safe.

Defence barrister Bronwyn Hartigan said Mullins life had been "ravaged by drugs" at the time.

Judge Harrison sentenced him to four years jail with 16 months to serve. The remaining sentence was suspended for four years.

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