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Kim Kardashian West bemused by selfie 'drama'

KIM Kardashian West doesn't understand the "drama" surrounding her naked selfie.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star caused a stir in March when she posted a raunchy picture, with just two black bars protecting her modesty, and admits she was stunned by the outcry as she'd only shared it for "fun" because she was proud of losing weight after the birth of her son Saint in December.

Kim - who also has daughter North, three, with husband Kanye West - said: "You know what? I wasn't even thinking about it when I posted it.

"I just knew I was dyeing my hair back dark because I had blonde hair in that shot so it was an innocent thing.

"And I covered up" I covered it up with my censor bars and it looks like a bikini to me so I Thought it was all in fun and it was giving me motivation and some people they get so..

"It was crazy. I'm not promoting, 'Hey, be like me and do this.' Just do whatever makes you happy. So if you don't like it... I don't get why so much drama surrounded it."

Though the 35-year-old star admits her position in the public eye comes with responsibility, she still wants to be true to herself even if it makes other people uncomfortable.

She added: "I do believe there are responsibilities behind it. But I always want to be me and stay true to who I am, so if I am going to post something that might make other people uncomfortable.... again, I always say I'm not encouraging someone else to say 'You should do this', but I felt like, socially, when I reached my pre-baby goal weight, I get super proud of that. To lose 70lbs is so, so hard and I respect so many people who have been in that situation."

But despite the backlash, Kim insists it hasn't put her off sharing nude pictures.

Asked if she'll post another, she said: "Absolutely. Absolutely. I don't know when, but why not?"

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