THE life of 17-year-old Lachlan James Percy ended too soon and his death will forever leave a mark on his family and friends.

Those were the words of his father Dan Percy as he farewelled his son and the talented young football player at Rangeville Community Church.

He died on September 5 after the car he was a passenger in crashed on the New England Hwy.

Hundreds of mourners paid their respects and the church was awash with blue, the colour of Lachlan's beloved football club South West Queensland Thunder.

The Wolf Pack, the name given to his closest friends, wore coloured floral ties and shirts in homage to Lachlan's last request.

Kevin Farmer

About a week before his death Lachlan told his friends that he wanted them to wear floral clothes if he happened to die.

Lachlan's father, his brother Jack Percy, his friends and mentors all remembered the teen as a caring, sensitive, cheeky and big-hearted man.

His uncle Matthew Percy said his nephew was quick-witted and had an impeccable sense of timing with humour.

His cousin Sarah Arnold said Lachlan's smile lit up the room.

The service was sombre but sprinkled with humorous vignettes about his life.

"We are blessed to have watched him grow up from a happy, engaging boy into a responsible young man," Dan Percy said.

"The memories he gave us will be with us forever."

One of the members of the Wolf Pack, Jacob Bigby, said his friend was a good son, footballer and friend.

"The only big mistake he made was getting into the car that night. You will be forever missed," he said.

Mr Bigby pleaded for people to be more responsible when driving.

"We've all heard the stories of tragic car crashes," he said.

"I never thought it would ever happen to me or any of my mates.

"It's been like a living nightmare.

"Accidents hurt more than the people in the car, so please take care."

Mr Bigby said Lachlan's father was his son's hero.

He also passed a message to Lachlan's mother Terri-Michelle Percy on behalf of his friend.

"Thank you for everything you've ever done.

"All the time, the money, the driving, he appreciated it all.

"Everything you did wasn't wasted because you raised a good kid.

"A kid that went on to have a positive impact on more people than I can count."

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