weekend closet 4
weekend closet 4

Learn to love layers in jewellery

Like everything in the style sphere, jewellery goes through seasonal change.

We're already well into 2018, so you've probably noticed some of the accessories fads sweeping stores and social feeds.

Violet Tan, owner of V the Label, and Fabienne Costa, owner of YCL Jewels, say some of these trends are here to stay. Here are four looks we love:


Violet says delicate, layered necklaces are a popular everyday look.

"We have a variety of gold, dainty necklaces made perfect for layering. You don't have to splurge on fine jewellery to get that same celeb look,” she says.

"Our favourites are the Mini Gold Coin, St Mary Pendant and Dreamer Crystal necklaces worn together, and all are under $100.”

Fabienne says layering the lobes is also in.

"I'm seeing people have multiple piercings in their lobe - two or three holes - and using different earring styles to create a layered jewellery look,” she says.


Chokers are also ideal for layering, but not the thick, solid-coloured styles we saw make a resurgence in recent years.

This year the emphasis is on fine, dainty chokers that highlight the collarbones and accentuate an elegant neck.

"These chokers aren't like the black leather ones that were around two years ago,” Fabienne says. "The ones on trend at the moment are finer in style and design.

"They're more ornate and give a nod to simplicity while still making a statement.”


It seems this style is a staple, with both designers agreeing hoops are certainly here to stay.

"Hoops are definitely on trend for 2018,” Fabienne says. "It's been interesting seeing how people are bringing back the '90s hoop and putting a modern spin on it.”

YCL and V the Label have designed their hoops in a variety of sizes, but none so large they could be worn as a bracelet like you see on the Kardashians.

Choosing a manageable size makes them an easy everyday piece.

"Hoops bring a touch of femininity while looking effortlessly cool,” Violet says.


After noticing style goddesses accessorising with coins reminiscent of biblical or Roman eras, Violet decided to create her own line.

"We've been seeing celebs and 'it' girls wearing layered gold coin necklaces paired with everything from a bikini to denim and a linen shirt,” she says.

"Our muses are women like Rosie Huntington Whitely, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Alexis Ren.”

Violet has designed delicate, detailed coin pendants at different lengths, ideal for layering, including the lucky coin, St Mary, Roman holiday and pretty prayer.

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