LETTER: Brexit vote was a wake-up call for EU

LETTER: Brexit vote was a wake-up call for EU

THE EU Parliament (EUP) and its philosophies are green, and people are secondary.

They ignore the problems they have created for the poor, sick, elderly, retired, unemployed and the workers. And it is this group that told the EU to get out of their lives.

The cost of "free" green power has soared to the point where thousands of families can either buy power or food but not both.

Their policies and draconian regulations have caused the demise of many British industries.

But these are just peripheral damage to the EU's climate, socialist and PC visions.

Other EU countries like Holland and Germany are dissatisfied. And the EU's unwillingness to control Europe's borders is a major factor, not only for Britain but all EU members.

The rise of Trump shows that the US is already at the crossroads. And in Australia, based on the main party policies, our crossroads seem to be more of a roundabout of ever-diminishing circles.

The experts are alarmed about the currency, young people are concerned about being able to travel and work outside of Britain but they miss the main point, which is: "Where is Europe going? What is its future?"

The Brexit vote was a wake-up call for the EU to get their act together and to develop policies based on people, and keeping Europe "European".

One positive is that the leaders of the "out" option are mostly sceptics so it is quite likely that the anthropogenic global warming fiasco in Britain will wither and be dumped.

And keep in mind that the Brexit vote was the messenger, not the problem.

John Ibbotson, Gulmarrad

Meaty issues

I ATTENDED the recent general meeting of the CVC in Grafton. This is my first visit to a general CVC meeting for some years.

I came away feeling that the CVC has got a team of responsible, hard-working councillors who are after the best deal they can get for ratepayers.

They tackled some meaty issues and cost to ratepayers was always at the forefront of their thinking.

Cr Baker voiced that he was trying to find another way around the touchy issue of a rate rise versus a reduction in services.

I guess the elephant in the room there is council staffing levels and efficiency. Perhaps someone else can fill me in on how well these options have already been addressed.

Robert Mylchreest, Woolgoolga

Get moving

AFTER watching the interesting program on the ABC TV last night, called How To Stay Young, I am really hoping some enterprising person will start dance sessions for the over 60s somewhere in Grafton.

Evidently, tests prove that modern dance is a more effective workout for the whole body (and a lot more fun) than the usual monotonous round of cycling and light weight lifting etc.

Everyone loves to move to music, so how about it?

Jackie Carstairs, South Grafton

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