LETTER: Why we need to support our local newspapers

SINCE commencing my bid for election in the last election I have been buying, or obtaining the free local papers.

I was actually surprised what a pleasure it has been to re-discover like a long lost friend, the pleasure of the crackle of a fresh newspaper.

You can actually sit down, relax with a cuppa in the sun on a fresh morning and take in what's going on.

Sometimes I'm sure the paper actually feels warm, like it's hot off the press.

There is something tactile, personal and welcoming in a paper you can't get on a screen, and everyone sees the paper, but not everyone visits the web sites you do. Not everyone has a computer.

You can read the paper, cut things out and stick an article on the fridge, or treasure it in an album if the story involves you or a loved one.

These publications are the closest visceral link we have to our past, to our community now, to our future.

They record the passing human parade of events, sporting triumphs, politics, the new life born and the passing of local identities, the hopes of the young, the changes in our world, the laughter and sometimes, sadly, the tears.

They provide a lifeline to local business that needs your support to thrive with advertising and information.

My eye is often drawn to the car ads, I keep thinking there will be a deal that's too good to miss, or maybe there is something else you've saved for which is on sale.

Value your local paper, don't take them for granted.

Like a lot of businesses, media is a hard game and they need our support in any way we can give it.

Write to them, engage with them and even advertise with them.

Encourage the young to read them to take an interest in civic affairs.

Tell your local business owners you saw their ad in the local paper.

You'll be sorry if ever they're not there one day.



Former One Nation candidate for Wright

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