GALLERY: Support for woman whose home was abused by tenants

SUNDAY 11.30am: IN FOUR days just over $1000 has been raised towards helping Chaide Elwood clean, repair and rebuild her South Lismore home.

A relative started the fundraising campaign to help cover the immense $10,000 bill just to get the place clean.

The relative said "A seemingly genuine, kind and well spoken lady and her two children aged 16 and 14 applied to live in my sisters home.

"She had a rather tough and exposed back story and my sister wanted to do anything she could to help this lady and her family get back into good spirits.

"So naturally, everything checked out with the lady and she moved into my sisters place." 

"A cute two bedroom, recently renovated home, fully furnished is now completely trashed and unrecognisable."

Ms Elwood shared a heartfelt message to all of those who have supported her so far. 

"I can't thank you all enough for your support," she said. "It brings tears to my eyes."

To help with the costs, visit Remove Repair & Rebuild FAMILY home.


FRIDAY 1.30pm: A GOOD deed turned into a $10,000 nightmare for a property owner renting out her relocatable home in South Lismore.

Chaide Elwood arrived at the house a week ago to give the tenants - a woman and her two teenage children - an eviction notice for failing to pay their rent.

What she didn't expect, however, was the state of the house when she arrived.

"I was here with my daughters' dad ... he was checking to see if anyone was home," Ms Elwood said.

"He came around and said, 'Chaide, you've got to look at this'.

"I ended up going in and seeing the rest of the house, and I was just in shock at the state of the house."

The floor of every room, including the bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom, was covered with a thick layer of filth.

A revolting smell of expired milk, body odour, faeces and rubbish wafted through the inside and outside of the house.

"The neighbours, they were saying they noticed she never put our her rubbish," Ms Elwood said.

"The lady who lives on the right hand side said she could always smell that foul smell coming through her house.

"When you see something like that you think, this is not right. This is living in putrid filth for months and months and months with your kids. It's so wrong."

The cost of cleaning up the mess won't be covered under landlord's insurance because Ms Elwood doesn't own the land.

Ms Elwood said the worst part was that she had been trying to do the right thing for another person.

"I was renting a house that was quite big; there was enough space downstairs to sublet ... (the current tenant) was interested in renting," Ms Elwood explained.

"I ended up choosing someone else but I said to her, 'I've got a two bedroom relocatable'."

Ms Elwood offered the house to the woman as temporary accommodation.

"I showed her the place, she seemed really keen, and because she was with her children I sort of felt, if I could help her out I would."

Up until last week the woman and her two children lived in Ms Elwood's relocatable home for a year.

During that time the woman denied Ms Elwood's offers to visit the property and fix some issues, stating that she would fix them herself.

"She always appeared genuine; when I offered to come in and clean up she said she would do it," Ms Elwood said.

"I offered to clean some stains in the shower and she offered to clean it herself with a cream cleanser."

Ms Elwood has been quoted $10,000 by a hoarders cleaner to get the filth out of the house, but that doesn't include the removal of heavy items such as broken furniture and electronics, or fixing house damage.

She said she will probably never move back in herself due to the memory of the ordeal.

The damage bill for Ms Elwood's house is over $10,000. It won't be covered under landlord's insurance as she owns the house, not the land. To help with the costs, visit

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