LISTEN: Woman falls victim to latest phone scam

"IF YOU don't pay the outstanding amount of $6345 today, a warrant will be issued for your arrest, you will be put in the watch house and will have to appear before the court tomorrow." 

That is the alarming voicemail message a Rockhampton woman received on her mobile this morning from a phone scammer named 'Chris Jordan' who identified himself as a staff member from the Australian Taxation Office. 

Alarmed by the message and not realising it was a scam at the time, the local mother called back only to be informed she needed to cough up over $6000 in outstanding tax or the police would be knocking at her door within the hour. 

HOW TO AVOID BEING SCAMMED: How to identify and report phone, email and mobile scams

The scammer was even able to tell the woman her own address and that she had no criminal record or previous court appearances, leading her to believe he was the real deal. 

But after a few warning signs started to pop up, the woman took the opportunity to call her accountant from her landline, while on hold with the scammer on her mobile, to verify the call. 

Luckily, her accountant was on the ball and told her to hang up immediately as it was a scam. 

>>Australian's lose $45 million to scams in 2015

The woman said the scammer was very overbearing and convincing and warned others not to fall for his tricks. 

She also warned others not to answer any calls from 02 6064 2059 or return calls from the number. 

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