'Low moaning' heard from Ipswich home during alleged murder

A NEIGHBOUR has told how he heard a "low moaning" coming from the Ipswich house where Kenneth John Beattie is accused of murdering his flatmate.

Pool technician Terrence Jordan Harris was at his former wife's house across the road from the Scotsdale St home on the morning of July 27, 2014, when Mr Beattie is accused of hog-tying his flatmate Malcolm 'Mal' David Wood, allegedly causing his death.

The Crown alleges it was Mr Beattie's unlawful act of restraining Mr Wood with the ligature that significantly and substantially contributed to his death.

Previously the jury was told and shown footage recorded by police of a prone Mr Wood, 51, his head a bright purple and his tongue lolling from his mouth.

Mr Harris told Brisbane Supreme Court he heard a lot of arguing and angry yelling that morning, so much so he pushed his children, who he had arrived to pick up, back in the house for fear they would hear it.

He said he heard two men, "one was like a moaning talking and the other was loud and abrupt".

"Whoever it was, was yelling and screaming pretty loudly," he said.

Mr Harris told the court he heard something being said about "a citizen's arrest," which sounded like it came from the toilet as it was 'echoey' and "go the the police," followed by "screaming and carrying on".

He said there "was a lot of thudding, bashing, smashing and yelling," and it "sounded like someone's head getting smashed against the ground".

Defence counsel for Mr Beattie, Lars Falcongreen, asked Mr Harris if he had also heard arguing on the previous night, a Saturday.

Mr Harris told Mr Falcongreen his former wife had been "real concerned" about arguing coming from house that night, had called him, and had held out the phone so he could hear.

The court also heard from Gregory Ian Verney, a mutual friend who had suggested Mr Beattie, 52, and Mr Wood share a home.

Mr Verney, a truck driver and long-time acquaintance of Mr Beattie through work, had put the men in touch after Mr Beattie told him he was looking for a place to live.

He told the court, on Sunday July 27, 2014 early in the morning he had received a text message from Mr Beattie saying Nikita had been taken to Ipswich Hospital and had been bashed and raped, and he was on his way home.

Mr Verney said he then had two phone calls with Mr Beattie, the first in which Mr Beattie told him he was "going to kill Mal" and threatening Mr Verney for "putting him in that situation".

In the second phone call, a bit later about 9am on the Sunday, Mr Verney said he remembered Mr Beattie saying "he couldn't talk and everything was ok," but he was quiet as a lamb.

Mr Falcongreen asked Mr Verney if he took seriously the threat from Mr Beattie, as previously he had made statements agreeing that Mr Beattie was just 'blowing off steam'. Mr Verney said he had not understood the question.

Mr Falcongreen also questioned Mr Wood's drinking habits, as Mr Verney had suggested when he had lived with Mr Wood it had not worked out because of the amount Mr Wood was drinking.

Mr Verney said he had only been staying there three days a week when he shared a home with Mr Wood.

Mr Verney told the court that Mal had held down a job and so "he wasn't drinking that much because he had to go work in the mornings".

The trial is expected to continue for at least another week.


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