Michelle Ross was kicked by a horse to her stomach at 39 weeks pregnant.
Michelle Ross was kicked by a horse to her stomach at 39 weeks pregnant. Renee Albrecht

Lucky escape after horse kicks pregnant woman

A HELICOPTER ride is a good birthday present, but Corella farmer Michelle Ross was much more thankful today to know her unborn child is safe and well.

The 31-year-old woman, who is 39 weeks pregnant, was moving her horses between paddocks on Tuesday afternoon when she was struck by "one of the bigger ones".

"One of the horses, as I was leading them through a gateway, decided to kick out at another horse, but I happened to be standing there," Ms Ross said.

Ms Ross' husband saw the kick land in the side of her stomach, and immediately dialled triple zero.

"It wasn't the best of situations to be in," Ms Ross said.

"All I could think about was if bub was okay."

"How would I know if I couldn't see inside?"

An ambulance rushed Ms Ross to Gympie Hospital, before a helicopter delivered her to Nambour Hospital.

The next night and day were a flurry of tests and checks, but to Ms Ross' relief, both the placenta and baby appear unharmed.

"I've had ECGs to monitor the baby's heart rate, I've had ultrasounds to make sure there's no problems with the placenta and there's no bleeding inside, and I have a bruise to the side of my stomach where the horse did get me," Ms Ross said.

"But bub's well cushioned in there and everything is really good."


Michelle Ross was kicked by a horse to her stomach.
Michelle Ross was kicked by a horse to her stomach.

That came as a huge relief to Ms Ross, who celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday in hospital, but doctors will continue to monitor the baby's health today to be sure.

"It wasn't the way I thought I'd spend my birthday, but making sure bub's okay, I'm okay with that," Ms Ross said.

The double-barrel kick caused bruising to Ms Ross' stomach, and also hit her elbow.

"Luckily she got me towards the end of the kick," Ms Ross said.

She said she was glad one of her other children hadn't been in her place, or the situation could have been much worse.

She said she won't let the experience deter or frighten her in any way.

"Living on a property, you deal with different situations every day," she said.

"Sometimes you're in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and yesterday was one of those days where I just happened to be in the wrong spot and got collected by a flying hoof."

Once the baby's health was confirmed, Ms Ross' father even saw the funny side, sending her a message: "The things you do for a ride in a helicopter."

Ms Ross wished to thank the paramedics, helicopter and hospital staff who brought her to hospital and monitored the baby.

"It's been an eventful couple of days, but I'm feeling good," she said.

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