Darcy Liam Ahern.
Darcy Liam Ahern.

Magistrate appalled at Charleville man’s ‘violent’ behaviour

A magistrate was lost for words when Charleville man Darcy Liam Ahern fronted court yet again for another serious offence, after he left two men bloodied in a frenzied attack after he saw his dad king hit.

The Charleville Magistrates Court heard on November 28, 2020, Ahern was at the bowls club in town with his father enjoying a few quiet drinks when things took a turn for the worse.

Other parties later attended and a video was circulated of a man hitting a woman, enabling Ahern’s father to tell the man to “pull his head in”, duty solicitor Chelsea Saldumbide told the court.

The man didn’t appreciate the comment but before confronting the father, Ahern told him to take it up with him personally.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court on Monday, January 11, CCTV footage captured seven males engaging in a verbal argument before a violent confrontation occurred.

“The defendant pushes an unknown male and the defendant’s father is seen trying to hold the defendant back,” sergeant Boodnikoff said.

“The defendant then punches the man in the face … they go into a multitude of blows and then grappling on the ground.

“The defendant is pulled away from the man and is seen trying to stand up but the pair continue to push and shove each other while members of the public try to separate them.

“The defendant is seen to walk a short distance away from the carpark before again being approached by the man, the defendant is observed to remove his shirt and striking him several times … two females are seen running away from the altercation.”

Sergeant Boodnikoff said Ahern was “aggressive, confrontational and violent”, despite being in the presence of multiple people and his father.

Magistrate Peter Saggers was visibly shocked by Ahern’s actions, stating he couldn’t believe he would engage in this type of behaviour, considering the circumstances.

“Just can’t believe he would do this, in the circumstances he’s in … it just beggars belief, he’s seen the possible consequences of this sort of behaviour,” he said.

“Just to even get involved.”

Explaining her client’s actions, Ms Saldumbide told the court during the altercation Ahern’s father was king hit which further aggravated his conduct and reason why he simply didn’t walk away.

“I believe that he wasn’t charged with assault because it was a consensual fight,” she said.

“He accepts his behaviour was not acceptable, in my submission, he has already suffered punishment with his matter.

“With this charge, he was placed on a strict curfew, which hinders his self-employed work which sees him travel up to 180km a day, so he cannot engage in this work as he doesn’t believe he would make it back in time for his curfew.”

Ms Saldumbide submitted her client receive a hefty fine for his actions.

Ahern pleaded guilty to commit public nuisance within a licenced venue.

“In the circumstances with extremely serious offences, and you have seen how wrong it can go … you’ve just got to stop,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“If he took offense to what your father said … it needed to just stop.

“I understand the difficult circumstance when someone has king hit your dad, do you stand by and do nothing or get involved … in the circumstances, you just have to be so careful.

“Now your father has a busted eye socket, all for something that is not worth it.”

Magistrate Saggers told the court he was considering placing Ahern on probation, but after hearing the facts, he fined him $2000 and the conviction was recorded.

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