Charleville Magistrates court.
Charleville Magistrates court.

Man driving uninsured and unregistered car in Charleville court

FLOYD Gabriel Robinson was sentenced in the Charleville Magistrates Court for driving an uninsured and unregistered car through Morven.

Robinson was fined $300 after he pleaded guilty to driving an uninsured vehicle and driving a vehicle used on the roads that must be registered.

The court heard at 9.30am on August 27, Morven Police were conducting traffic controls through the town when they spotted a vehicle without registration plates.

Officers intercepted Robinson on Albert St and conducted routine checks which found the vehicle had been unregistered since March.

The defendant’s lawyer, Paul Metcalf told the court that his client was transporting a vehicle to Mitchell when he noticed the straps on his trailer were faulty to he decided to drive that was on the trailer as he still had a long journey ahead.

Magistrate Peter Saggers accepted the lawyer’s claims that the defendant thought it was the safest option and he wasn’t in proper mobile reception to call for assistance.

Robinson was fined $150 for each fine and the conviction was recorded on his traffic history.

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