Caloundra MP Mark McArdle has let fly at Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson for his attacks on the LNP.
Caloundra MP Mark McArdle has let fly at Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson for his attacks on the LNP. Mike Knott

McArdle takes aim at mayor over attacks on LNP

CALOUNDRA MP Mark McArdle has taken aim at Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, accusing him of be "Maroochydore-focused".

The attack comes amid what Mr McArdle ddescribed as the mayor's "constant commentary on the LNP".

The LNP politician called on the mayor to shift his attention back to council projects and start paying more attention to Caloundra.

Earlier this week, Mr Jamieson warned Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull he risked turning the LNP stronghold on the Sunshine Coast into marginal seats if he neglected the region.

He made it clear the country's leaders could not afford to ignore "the ninth largest region in Australia" in the lead-up to the July 2 election.

"If the Federal Government thinks only in terms of marginal seats (in announcing funding and visits for the regions) they're kidding themselves," he said.

"If the only way to get attention (is to be marginal) it won't be long before the Sunshine Coast wakes up to this and does something about it."

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Mr McArdle hit back, claiming Mr Jamieson had a short memory about what the LNP had achieved on the Sunshine Coast.

"We started construction of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital and gifted land for the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion - all major projects council is now springboarding off," he said.

"The LNP also planned the duplication of the rail-line between Beerburrum and Landsborough and the Mooloolah River Interchange.

"While in Opposition we are working harder than ever for our local constituents and applying the blowtorch to the government on a range of issues."

Mr McArdle said the heart of Caloundra, Bulcock St businesses and surrounding suburbs were at major risk of being left behind once Caloundra South and the Kawana hospital precinct came online.

"Ever since he was re-elected, all we have heard Cr Jamieson talk about is everybody else's responsibilities.

"How about doing the job he was paid to do and if he really wants to get serious, start focusing on Caloundra?

"For too long Caloundra has been neglected by Sunshine Coast Council, especially since it amalgamated, and it's time for this area to be put back on the list of top priorities.

"The current upgrade of Bulcock St may make us feel good but a larger focus needs to be applied to Caloundra.

"The height restrictions in Bulcock St need to be sensibly reviewed if we are going to grow economically.

"We need a real focus, not a blame game."

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