'She was mocking my lazy eye': Meth mum's train attack

IN A nasty unprovoked attack an Ipswich woman pushed and tripped a stranger as the woman exited a train on her way home from work.

The woman stumbled into a wall at Booval Station and was then punched.

Her attacker Paula-Ann Hunt then got back onto the train and returned to her seat.

Ambulance paramedics were called to help the injured and distressed woman.

The attack happened late at night just before 10pm at the Booval station.

Ipswich magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Hunt what she did was bizarre.

"You didn't know her and she was simply travelling home," she said.

"At the station she went to the door. You walked up behind her, pushed her and tripped her. Used your hands and feet," Ms Sturgess said.

Paula-Ann Hunt, 28, appeared in custody before Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm at Booval on January 18; drug possession on December 22, 2017; five counts of stealing on October 27, 2017; doing wilful damage; failing to appear in court; and contravening a police direction.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo submitted a series of photographs of the attack taken from off CCTV.

Hunt has since spent 40 days in custody.

Snr Cnst Spargo said Hunt was responsible for wilful damage to a Churches of Christ flat she was renting after another person locked her out. He said she threw a brick through a fly screen and door to gain entry, causing $562 damage.

Hunt went to different stores at Riverlink and stolen various items, including wallets, sunglasses, make-up and cosmetics.

He said three wallets were unable to be sold after Hunt put them down in her underwear to hide - the store sought $74.97 restitution.

Snr Cnst Spargo said the train assault happened at 9.54pm on an Ipswich bound train from Brisbane.

Snr Cnst Spargo described how Hunt tripped the woman as she stepped from the carriage causing her to stumble then punched her with a right fist.

She'd left the woman crying.

"Someone returning home from work at night on public transport are entitled not to be attacked," Snr Cnst Spargo said.

Hunt had five pages of previous convictions including drugs, obstructing police, unlawful use, wilful damage. And in one incident threatened to self-harm with a pen when demanding medication at a pharmacy.

Defence lawyer Daniel Boddice said at the time Hunt believed the woman "was mocking her lazy eye".

However, he said Hunt did have some mental health issues that may include paranoid schizophrenia and drug psychosis.

He said Hunt, a mother of two, began using methylamphetamine in 2012, became addicted and fell in with the wrong crowd.

Ms Sturgess said users of public transport must be able to travel safely without being exposed to violence.

She told Hunt the women she pushed out the carriage door could have easily fallen between the train and platform with a much worse outcome.

For the assault Hunt was sentenced to nine months jail and received lesser jail terms for the stealing, wilful damage, and failing to appear in court offences.

The overall head-sentence was 11 months jail - back-dated to January 18. Hunt will be released to parole on April 18.

She was ordered to pay the assault victim $300 compensation, $462 restitution to the church, and $74.97 for the wallets.

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