Alyse and Matt battled Josh and Amy in a spiteful elimination cook-off.
Alyse and Matt battled Josh and Amy in a spiteful elimination cook-off. Channel 7

MKR turns spiteful in suddendeath elimination

ALYSE and Matt Jenner have crashed out of Seven's My Kitchen Rules after the most spiteful sudden death elimination episode in the show's history.

The Queensland newlyweds took on arch rivals Josh and Amy Meeuwissen in a grudge match cook-off which saw both teams verballing one-another from the start.

In what turned out to be a pretty mediocre effort by both teams, Josh and Amy scored 29 out of 60, just enough to beat Alyse and Matt who scored 27 out of 60.

The eliminated couple had been sent to sudden death after being penalised by judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel for using store-bought curry paste at their instant restaurant.

Their rivals Josh and Amy were quick to label the pair "cheats” and twisted the knife in again before the elimination cook-off commenced.

"As long as there is no cheating today, it should be fair play,” Josh taunted.

"Using curry paste is a big no-no. We don't want to see that [behaviour] today.”

But Matt defended the couple's decision to cut corners in the kitchen, stating: "I don't think we cheated - that's not a label that sits well with us.”

The couples have history with Matt insulting Amy, while Alyse vomited after eating some of Josh's fish at earlier instant restaurants.

The cheap shots continued as cooking started with Amy setting the tone, claiming "we're getting rid of all the snakes in the competition” and "I want to wipe that smug look off Alyse's face”.

Both teams picked fish for their entree.

Elimination cook-off - Josh & Amy plate up their kingfish entree.
Elimination cook-off - Josh & Amy plate up their kingfish entree. Channel 7Source:Supplied

Alyse and Matt served up sumac spiced salmon with figs to the judging line-up of Evans, Feildel, Liz Egan, Karen Martini, Colin Fassnidge and Guy Grossi.


Elimination cook-off between Alyse & Matt and Josh & Amy.
Elimination cook-off between Alyse & Matt and Josh & Amy. Channel 7Source:Supplied

"It's war between those two,” Feildel said.

The judges were full of praise for Josh and Amy's entree.

"I'm a happy man,” Grossi said. "This is beautiful piece of fresh fish that has been cut superbly. I've got tang here, I've got spice. It is a really well-balanced dish.”

"Whoever has done this dish understands seafood and how simply you can present it,” Fassnidge added.

The plaudits continued for Alyse and Matt's entree.

"They have treated this fish with the utmost respect,” Egan said.

"You see how perfectly they have cooked it. It just melts, it dissolves, in your mouth”.

"To me the red wine sauce detracts from the dish,” Fassnidge said. "It overpowers the delicateness of the fish.”

But Grossi disagreed, stating: "the tartness from that red wine sauce with the balance of herbs on the outside of the fish and creaminess of the fish itself - I'm really enjoying it.”

Main courses proved more problematic: Josh and Amy plated up Thai green curry with Spanish mackerel, making a point of saying they were making their own curry paste for the dish.

Alyse and Matt chose lemon and herb spatchcock with silver beet and carrot puree.

With Amy distracted by dessert preparations, Josh didn't fry off his curry paste for long enough; then he put the fish in the curry way before time and also had trouble cooking the rice.

"I think my dog has better dinners than this,” Josh said as he looked at the fish curry.

Sadly for them, the judges agreed.

"I wonder where the curry's gone,” Martini asked, with Evans adding: "the fish is overcooked which is such a shame.”

Fassnidge said: "There's no respect shown to the fish here,” while Feildel turned his nose up at the dish, claiming: "the rice is terribly cooked.”

Things weren't much better for Alyse and Matt, whose spatchcock looked anaemic.

When the judges cut into the birds, they were borderline raw, while Matt burnt the shallots for the carrot puree.

"A roasted bird does not look like this,” Egan said.

"The carrot puree has got some kind of weird bitter flavour to it,” Grossi said. "It is like something is burnt in there.”

Both teams needed to redeem themselves with dessert.

Josh and Amy chose lemon meringue pie with champagne strawberries.

"They've let us down with the meringue and certainly the pastry could have done with a lot more cooking,” Egan said.

"I'm half way with this dessert,” Evans said. "The lemon filling is delicious and the strawberries have been treated really well but the meringue is a little bit undercooked.”

Alyse and Matt plated up individual banoffee pavlovas, including banana and cream, with peanut praline.

"They've been brave but they just haven't got the technique to back it up,” Martini said.

"The pavlova is quite dry and dense,” Evans said. "It should all work but there is nothing really redeeming with this dessert”.

Alyse and Matt were confident before hearing their final scores, boasting "we deserve to be in this competition more than Josh and Amy”.

The judges burst their bubble swiftly, with Grossi giving Josh and Amy 6 out of 10 and Alyse and Matt 5 out of 10.

Egan also gave Josh and Amy an extra point. So did Evans. Egan actually scored Alyse and Matt better - but the damage was done.

"It's not nice to be booted off, but it is what it is,” Matt said after the final scores were revealed. "We'll just keep moving on.”

Josh and Amy couldn't resist one final barb, laughing at the losing team: "we just knocked off our rivals - that was wicked.”

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