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Later this week I'll have our normal letter from the editor's desk exclusively for our subscribers, but with the launch of our best digital subscription offer yet I wanted to make sure you aren't missing the biggest stories The Chronicle broke in just the past couple of days.

We know the value of staying informed when you post your ballot in the local government elections. To make sure you stay up-to-date, we've compiled a detailed list of the 17 candidates who have declared their intentions in the March Toowoomba Regional Council races.


Expect to see plenty of coverage in The Chronicle in the coming weeks as the March 28 date inches closer. If there's an important issue you think we need to ask our prospective councillors about, flick me an email at

Our community received tragic news over the weekend - the death of Toowoomba's Roger Taylor following complications from a snake bite. Roger's wife, Deputy Mayor Carol Taylor, honoured her "kind, generous" husband in a heartfelt tribute.


As child care demand grows across the Garden City, so does the cost. If you want to know how much you're paying for childcare compared to other areas across the state, make sure you click the link below.


The Toowoomba community has honoured 16-year-old Mac Allen in a moving tribute at the Chalk Drive Skate Park. Mac died after he fell from a ute at the Bowenville Reserve earlier this month. See photos from the emotional event on our website.


The State Government wants to fast-track its plans to extend the Wivenhoe Pipeline from Toowoomba to Warwick. But not everyone is happy - including the Toowoomba Regional Council. Make sure you read our story on why one councillor has slammed the plan.


If you want to stay informed on the latest crime news across our region, stay tuned to our website. Here are the latest stories making headlines.

We've had some beautiful rainfall across our region over the past couple of days. If you want to catch up on a heap of photos and stories from the downpour, make sure you read the stories below.

That is just a small highlight reel of the more than 100 stories on The Chronicle website since Friday alone. If you head to the news section of our website, you can read all of those stories.


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