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More than 100mm of rain expected across Mackay

STRONG wind and further downpours are expected to hit the Mackay and Capricornia coasts until about Wednesday, says a BOM forecaster.

The Bureau of Meteorology's David Bernard said Sucrogen Weir just south of Mackay had about 95mm overnight, while Mackay proper had about 50mm.

South of Mackay at Carmila in the Isaac region about 120mm fell up to 9am on Saturday, while another 55mm fell on Sunday.

"(For Mackay on) Tuesday, the forecast has a range of 15-45mm, which is quite possible, and then after that rainfalls on the forecast drop off dramatically," he said.

"We're talking about 1-4mm on Wednesday and small amounts during the week. Basically, it's all going to happen today and Wednesday."

Mr Bernard said the region would likely record close to 100mm of rainfall in Mackay region when all is said and done.


128km Mackay Radar Loop.
128km Mackay Radar Loop. Bureau of Meteorology

"But you never know. Sometimes places up around the top of the Pioneer (Valley) catchment can surprise you with a bit of heavier rain," he said.

"And there was some big falls in the 24 hours to 9am. The biggest one was at Sucrogen Weir, just to Mackay's south, they got 95mm. Dumbleton Rocks got 75mm - those were the highest for the area.

"There was some particularly heavy falls on Saturday which led to Carmila (south of Mackay) picking up a big fall -120mm up to 9am on Sunday morning - most of which fell on Saturday, I believe. And they got 55mm yesterday."

Mr Bernard said the Mackay region could expect a storm or two throughout the week, but added no warnings had been issued by the bureau.

Meanwhile, readers have taken to the Daily Mercury's Facebook page to celebrate the wet weather in something of a digital rain dance.

Facebook-er Janet Slattery said Hay Point "got a good drop", but more was needed.

" ... it will need to keep up like this for a few days more to fill the empty tanks and dam though," she said.

Maureen Passey was celebrating rain finally falling on Kuttabul.

"At long last it's raining in Kuttabul. Quite heavy, the best in nearly six months," she said.

But the rain wasn't quite so welcome for Dani Baronet.

"I was out all day with family ... left my windows open and came home to a flooded lounge and dining areas. Learnt my lesson," she said.

James Huckel reckoned there's much more rain to come.

" (It's) Only been like this for three days now out west at Moranbah. So more to come yet for Mackay," he said.

The amount of rainfall and conditions varied across the Mackay region, as indicated by the totals and conditions our readers shared.

Readers weigh-in

Bindi Goodson: "Nothing out at Yalboroo. Got about 10mls last night."

Donna Campbell: "Yessss. Absolutely bucketing down in Andergrove."

Brian McGovern: "Sob, only sprinkles at Bucasia."

Gayle McNeven: "Windy as and pouring at Grasstree Beach."

Kerri Wicks: "Pouring in Walkerston."

Katrina Jane: "Hardly any in Slade Point."

Wayne Battaia: "30mm Palmyra."

Rachel Elkins: "Pouring at Rural View."

Tracey Albano: "Hardly any at Shoal Point."

Brian Ruge: "Pouring down in Beaconsfield."

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