Mosque destroyed by 'suspicious' fire in early hours

A MOSQUE has been destroyed by fire in Geelong, Victoria with authorities treating the blaze as suspicious.

The Country Fire Authority's Mark Sinkinson said the blaze had already taken hold of the building in Bostock Avenue, Manifold Heights, when fire crews arrived at the scene, the ABC reported.

Firefighters took about an hour to contain the inferno which erupted just after 2am on Wednesday.

"There were a couple of concerns with the structure potentially falling down so we didn't put crews inside the building," Mr Sinkinson said.

"The roof had completely fallen in anyway."

The Imam and his family, including several children, were sleeping in an adjacent home and escaped unharmed.

Several neighbouring homes were evacuated as a precaution.

A man who lives nearby reported seeing the fire.

"I heard this loud bang, and I looked outside my bedroom window and saw this glow," he said.

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