Most outrageous drug-fuelled southwest crimes of 2020

Southwest Queensland has been home to plenty of drug-fuelled incidents that have landed offenders in court.

Here are some of the most outrageous crimes, brought to you by southwest drug users:

Roma mother returned stolen clothes she had urinated in

Tracy Milburne thought she could get away with shoplifting a number of clothing items from Myer at Westfield Chermside, but by the time she emptied her bladder, it was too late.

The 55-year-old was charged with stealing and breach of bail fronting the Roma Magistrates Court on August 5.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court Milburne went to Myer on August 31 when she left the store without paying for a $39 black lace body suit, a blue bra valued at almost $80 and two dresses valued at almost $70 each.

“A short time later, the informants intercepted the defendant at the shopping centre where she returned to the victim store and provided them with the details,” sgt Whiting said.

“The defendant agreed to return the items and in the process of doing so, they were found to be in contact with her bare skin, rendering them unsaleable.”

Sgt Whiting then told the court that the black body suit was soiled as Milburne had urinated in it.

Milburne pleaded guilty and was given a one month prison sentence, wholly suspended for 12 months.

She was also slapped with a $1000 fine and made to pay $219.86 compensation to Myer for the stolen items.

A conviction was recorded.

Man jailed for drug-fuelled rampage at Roma pub

Patrons at The Royal on Ninety-Nine were left shocked after a jailbird on parole smashed property and blocked the exit to fleeing diners, the Roma Magistrates Court has heard.

Robert Aaron Mitchell, 29, appeared via videolink and pleaded guilty to a number of charges including wilful damage, two counts of public nuisance within licenced premises, obstructing a male sergeant whilst adversely affected, and assaulting the officer whilst adversely affected.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court police were advised of a disturbance at The Royal at 4.50pm on July 26.

“The information that had been received is that property had been destroyed at the premises there, and a male person was outside assaulting a female person outside of the hotel,” sgt Boodnikoff said.

The court heard the father of one entered the hotel and asked staff to hand over a phone, but became irate when staff noticed he was under the influence of a drug.

Mitchell was sentenced to six months imprisonment in total, to be served cumulatively with the prison sentence he already has, and won’t be released until September 23, 2021.

He was eligible for parole immediately.

Alongside the prison sentence, he was also slapped with 80 hours of community service upon release.

As he was sentenced to imprisonment, a conviction was automatically recorded.

Police find drugs in Mitchell man’s underwear

A Mitchell man who was caught three grams of cannabis in his underwear has been fined.

Malcolm Stanley Thornton was pulled over by police at 8.30pm on October 31, the Mitchell Magistrates Court heard.

Thornton represented himself in court and pleaded guilty to one count of possessing utensils and one count of possessing a dangerous drug.

A search of his car was conducted, and Thornton was found to have three grams of cannabis in his underwear and a bong on his back seat, police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst said.

He was fined $450 and his drugs were forfeited.

The conviction was recorded.

COURT: Repeat offender fronts Roma court for 11 offences

Instead of a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Brisbane police officers found meth inside a chocolate bar belonging to Conor John Hennessy, which gave him a golden ticket to Roma Magistrates Court.

The Roma court heard on September 29 that police intercepted Hennessy, 26, and two other adults driving in Theodore at 1pm on July 31.

Officers executed a search warrant and located 0.01 grams of methamphetamine hidden in a chocolate bar wrapper found in the defendant’s bag.

Hennessy told police he thought it was ice.

Police also found a container with used needles and a metal spoon with burn marks on the bottom and Hennessy admitted to using the utensils to inject ice.

Officers also located a restricted drug – 4ml of an anti-nausea drug, typically used during chemotherapy. The defendant told police he did not have a prescription for the drug.

The defendant pleaded guilty to committing public nuisance within a licensed premises, contravening a direction order, two counts of possessing utensils, two counts of possessing dangerous drugs, unlawful possession of restricted drugs, possession of a knife and three counts of failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

The magistrate fined Hennessy $1750 for the 11 offences with a conviction recorded.

For breaching his probation order, Hennessy was fined another $1750 and the conviction was recorded.

Ambos confronted by meth-fuelled man armed with knife and hammer

Paramedics were forced to run for their lives after they arrived at a Woodridge home to find a Harold John Lake moving towards them with a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Lake faced four charges, including two counts of breaching bail, one count of possessing a dangerous drug and one count of going armed so as to cause fear,at Mitchell Magistrates Court on Monday, August 8.

The court heard emergency services arrived at a Railway Parade home in Woodridge at 3.10am on February 15.

“While outside the address, parked on the street, they observed a male, which was the defendant, come out on the street armed with a kitchen knife in one hand and a hammer in the other walking towards the people there,” police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court.

“The complainants feared for their safety, by the defendant, had driven away from the location to safety.

Lake pleaded guilty to breaching bail conditions after his request to change address to Roma was refused, yet did not adhere to the outcome.

Lake also pleaded guilty to going armed so as to cause fear and was sentenced to three months imprisonment, wholly suspended for 12 months.

For his two counts of breaching bail condition and possessing a drug, he was slapped with probation for 12 months.

Convictions were automatically recorded.

Pregnant woman rammed car on McDowall St

A pregnant woman appeared in court via videolink from jail, pleading guilty to a span of offences.

Nicole Ellen Millard, 38, pleaded guilty to 11 charges including dangerous driving, fraud, obstructing police, stealing, possession of dangerous drugs, supplying dangerous drugs and breaching bail.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the Roma Magistrates Court the most serious of offences occurred in June last year, when Millard used a Toyota Landcruiser wagon to ram another car on McDowall St.

“This is aggravated by the fact there were two previous dangerous operations on the defendant’s history,” Sgt Whiting said.

“Also around 14 breaches of bail on her history, 13 of which occurred from March 15-May 14 until she was brought into custody.

“This seems to reflect Ms Millard’s lifestyle at the time being quite itinerant and perhaps, chaotic.”

Magistrate Peter Saggers sentenced Ms Millard to 12 months in jail.

The defendant was released on parole with just over three months of pre-sentence custody already served taken into account.

Millard’s conviction was automatically recorded as she was sentenced to imprisonment.

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