Mum fined for not sending pregnant daughter to school

A MOTHER has faced Kingaroy Magistrates Court on eight separate charges including possession of dangerous drugs and failing to send her child to school.

The 41-year-old woman, who cannot be named to protect her child's identity, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure her child attended school, failing to appear in court and two counts of contravening police direction.

She also pleaded guilty to five drug offences including failing to properly dispose of a needle and syringe, two counts of possessing drug utensils and two counts of possessing dangerous drugs.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Bushell said the mother of three provided several reasons for why she failed to send her teendaughter to school.

"She said the child had been bullied at school and decided to keep her at home," Sgt Bushell said.

Defence solicitor Chris Campbell said the teen daughter was pregnant and gave birth last year.Mr Campbell said his 41-year-old client's issues stemmed from a violent upbringing.

"It was quite abusive and violent at the hands of her mother, who she says she now has no relationship with," Mr Campbell said.

"As a result of her violent upbringing she smoked marijuana at 14 and moved out of home at 16."

Magistrate Barry Barrett said he took into account the woman's upbringing, and her reasons for not sending the girl to school.

Mr Barrett handed her a single fine of $750 and a nine-month probation order.

As part of her probation, Mr Barrett ordered all drug items to be seized and destroyed, and ordered the defendant to submit to urine analysis as required by the police.

Convictions were not recorded.

"This is very much your last chance, make the most of it now," he said. 

South Burnett

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