Missing Toowoomba man makes contact with family

UPDATE: David Clutterbuck has made contact with family and friends in Toowoomba this afternoon.

His anxious mother Wendy Clutterbuck said David made contact after he got hold of a working mobile phone and was able to see the concern posted on social media.

A tearful Mrs Clutterbuck said it was hard to describe the relief she felt when she heard her son's voice over the phone.

"He hasn't done anything wrong, just a series of incidents," she said.

"A person had his car that hit a kangaroo and he didn't have a phone and he wasn't in a coverage area.

"But as soon as he saw what was going on, he went straight to the police."

Mrs Clutterbuck thanked Toowoomba residents who shared the post and kept an eye out for David.

"We are so very thankful that social media has helped this," she said.

"It is the best result."

David Clutterbuck
David Clutterbuck

A MOTHER is desperate to hear of any news relating to her son, feared missing since the weekend.

Wendy Clutterbuck has taken to social media in an effort to find any leads or hear from her 22-year-old son David Clutterbuck.

Mrs Clutterbuck said David had recently moved back to Toowoomba, searching for work.

She said he has not been heard from since Friday afternoon.

"The last time anyone - family or friends - heard from him was on Friday," she said.

"He was pulled up for a licence check on Saturday morning which the police have confirmed.

"This is out of character and not like him."


Mrs Clutterbuck, who lives in Western Australia, has filed a report with police but is calling on members of the public to get in touch if they see her son or his vehicle - a silver Holden Statesman with WA registration AU2499.

"The car was seen yesterday (Monday) on Forest Hill Rd at Gatton but that's not a definite sighting," Mrs Clutterbuck said.

"A woman called and said a car was driving down the road and the lights were being flashed frantically.

"Another woman at about 9.45am today (Tuesday) saw the car being filled up at a Helidon service station."

David is described as being about 190cm tall, of a thin build with blue-grey to green coloured eyes and reddish dark curly hair.

Mrs Clutterbuck said David generally had a short stubble beard and has a tattoo on his inside left wrist that is a gear-shift pattern from a car.

"He is the kind of person that would never hesitate to stop and help someone on the side of the road," Mrs Clutterbuck said.

"That's just the kind of person he is."

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Wendy Clutterbuck on 0417 645 530 or police.

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