Toni Mitchell and Joshy Mitchell with Joshy's bucket list.
Toni Mitchell and Joshy Mitchell with Joshy's bucket list. Meghan Harris

PIMP MY WHEELCHAIR: Mum pens sick son's bucket list

JOSH Mitchell has undergone 54 operations in his 16 years and doesn't show any signs of getting better.

Josh has multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions but his primary diagnosis is autism, Down syndrome and Hirschsprung disease.

Living his life in and out of the hospital is draining for the teenager.

It breaks his mum's heart to see her son so sick and down all the time.

So Ms Mitchell decided to start a bucket list for Josh, as a way to build happy experiences and memories.

"Joshy has been so sick and since 2012 his health has deteriorated. He has spent so much time in isolation, lying there and not being able to do anything because of his pain," she said.

"He lost interest in so many things so we started talking about fun things he wants to do.

"We have already ticked off four things from his bucket list and it gives him beautiful memories to look back on when he is lying sick in hospital."

The bucket list idea kicked off when Josh met the cast of Mary Poppins when they performed at the Empire Theatre last year.

More recently he also met the Wiggles, his favourite singer Dami Im and went for ride with T21 Motorbike Run.

Also on his list is to go whale watching, go to the Dubbo Zoo, have a big birthday party, have a comfy chair to watch television, pimp his wheelchair and meet the Neighbours cast.

Ms Mitchell said she and Josh sat down and worked out a list of all the things that would make him happy.

"We are hoping to cross off as many as possible while he is well enough," she said.

"It makes my heart full seeing how happy it makes him. He re-watches the videos of him meeting Dami and going on the motorbike ride and I can see the joy in his face.

"He was able to sing with Dami Im who is his biggest idol. I took a bunch of photos and filmed a video and when he sees them it makes him light up."

Ms Mitchell said she wanted to thank everyone who had already made a few of his wishes come true.

"They all spared just a few moments out of their day but it means the world to Joshy," she said.

If anyone can help make any of Josh's other bucket list dreams comes true, phone Ms Mitchell on 0438 327 984.

Bucket list

  • Go whale watching
  • Play with dolphins
  • Have a birthday party
  • Go to Dubbo Zoo
  • Meet Katy Perry
  • Go to Australia Zoo, sleep out
  • Have a comfy chair to watch a DVD in
  • Meet Neighbours' cast
  • Go to a big concert
  • Hot-air balloon ride
  • Hang out with friends
  • See the Great Barrier Reef
  • Pimp my wheelchair
  • Ride in Toy Run
  • See snow

Already completed:

  • Meet Mary Poppins' cast
  • Meet the Wiggles
  • Ride on a motorbike
  • Meet Dami Im

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