Nearly 7,000 Macks recalled over brake issue

A precautionary recall by Volvo Group Australia (VGA) has been issued for 6,909 Mack trucks due to a split pin vulnerability that can result in brake pedal malfunction.

According to VGA, there has only been one instance of a brake pedal malfunction, and the driver safely stopped the vehicle without any injuries or damage to property.

VGA says Mack Trucks Australia's internal safety and quality processes identified a potential issue involving the split pin used to retain the brake pedal clevis pin, and should the split pin be compromised, there is a small chance the clevis pin may come loose and the brake pedal may fall to the floor.

The manufacturer says it is fully committed to safety and continual product enhancements, prompting the precautionary recall.

An Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) statment details that the defects could leave the affected trucks' brakes inoperable.

"If the service brakes become inoperable, there is the potential to cause an accident and/or injury to the user or others," the statement outlines.

The affected vehicles were sold nationally between 4 January 2008 and 15 January 2016.

The ACCC statement offers a VIN list and it includes Mack vehicles manufactured between 14 January 2008 and 15 January 2016, from the Titan, Granite, Super-Liner, Metro-Liner and Trident ranges.

According to VGA, Mack Trucks Australia has already started contacting all impacted customers in writing, in accordance with its legal obligations.

Work to rectify the impacted vehicles has already commenced, and nearly 600 vehicles have been completed.

VGA says customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer or authorised workshop to arrange a time for their vehicle to be inspected.

For more information and a list of affected VINS, click here.

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