Dad's shocking attack allegedly followed bid to steal son

A MAN who allegedly attacked an Ipswich mother with a metal bar in front of their young child has been refused bail after a bitter custody dispute almost turned deadly.

The 32-year-old, who cannot be named, had previously driven to his ex-partner's Ipswich property and attempted to hit her horses with his car. The estranged couple's children were forced to flee in fear across a paddock to the neighbour's home.

Two of the horses received injuries and were tangled in barbed wire.

He was convicted of stalking, dangerous operation of a vehicle and attempt to injure animals.

With a suspended sentence for those offences hanging over his head, the man allegedly breached a family court order by picking his young son up from school and taking him to his Beenleigh home.

When the child's mother discovered her son was missing, she drove through the father's back fence and attempted to retrieve him.

Video footage played in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday allegedly shows several people exchanging assaults in the yard before the woman takes the child's hand and guides him into the back of her four-wheel drive.

At that point the accused, armed with what police allege is a metal steering wheel lock, can be seen striking the woman to the head, causing her to fall to the ground.

Covered in blood, the woman then gets into the driver's side of the car before her partner climbs in beside her and takes the wheel.

The court heard the woman soon became "incoherent" and was rushed to hospital were she underwent emergency surgery for a fractured skull.

The man was charged with grievous bodily harm and other domestic violence and family court related offences.

Prominent Brisbane defence lawyer Andrew Bale told the court that while the "blow was quite obvious", it would be up to a jury to decide whether his client's actions were justified given the surrounding circumstances.

He said the mother had not been complying with family court orders for 10 months and the man and his current partner, who was in court on Thursday to support him, had received information which left them concerned about the welfare of the children at their mother's home.

Justice Peter Flanagan said that given the man's previous threats to kill the woman and her animals and the level of violence allegedly used in the most recent incident, he posed an "unacceptable risk".

He was remanded in custody and will re-appear in court on a date to be set.

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