'Sleep' pills in underwear land man in court

BALANCED on crutches nursing an injured foot before a Gladstone magistrate, Jack Alexander pleaded guilty to possession of a dangerous drug, saying it was for sleeping.

However, Alexander, 19, admitted he had no prescription for the pills police found in his underpants.

Prosecutor Sgt Pepe Gangemi said police went to a West Gladstone house at 8.45am on July 11 after a woman phoned fearing a possible self-harm incident.

Officers arrived and took Alexander to hospital and four pills were found secreted in his undies. Alexander said they were "Rigby's" needed to help him fall asleep.

Queried by magistrate Penelope Hay if he had problems with drugs, Alexander said no.

However, Ms Hay said his criminal precedents revealed a history of drug offences yet he was saying he had no problem.

Alexander denied he was attempting to self-harm on the day police were called by the woman.

"Well I wasn't. The chick I was with thought I was self-harming because I had those tablets," he said.

"I had reconstruction surgery on my leg and had no pain relief so I got the pills from a friend."

Ms Hay asked why, if he was in extreme pain, he hadn't contacted a doctor instead of breaking the law.

Alexander said he had no one to drive him and at the time thought it was "the best thing to do".

The unemployed man was then asked how he lived after telling the court he was not on any government benefits.

"It's not easy. A bit of support from my mother," he said.

Ms Hay said he appeared to have no insight into the inappropriateness of his behaviour.

"You could have got your friend who gave you the drugs to drive you to the doctor," she said.

"You are immature and argumentative. There are better options you should have made."

She fined Alexander $800.

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