Nurse and doctor abuser faces court

A TIRADE of abuse was hurled at nurses and hospital staff from Regina Lawton when she came to visit her sick mother.

Lawton fronted Charleville Magistrates Court on Monday, January 20 for verbally abusing Charleville Hospital staff on October 22.

The court heard she had been visiting her sick mother in Charleville Hospital when she became abusive after staff intervened when she tried to take her mum outside for a cigarette.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Boodnikoff said police were initially called about 10.50am after a complaint was filed about a visitor who was disrupting the peace.

Staff had told Lawton her mother could not leave the ward when she soon became abusive and belligerent, slamming a set of double doors in the face of hospital staff, and yelling and swearing loudly which was heard by other patients who were in the ward.

The court heard Lawton and her sister had been in a teleconference to discuss the ongoing care of their mother, but had disagreed on the proposed care plan.

Lawton then turned on the doctor and nurses, and again began yelling and swearing loudly, which was able to be heard by other patients.

Lawton's lawyer, Mr Jongkind said she had been under substantial family stress.

She pleaded guilty to two public nuisance charges before Magistrate Saggers ordered her to pay a $750 fine, and recorded a conviction.

"They're trying to do the best for your mum, for any other patient. It's insulting to them for you to abuse them," he said.

Charleville Western Times

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