Origin opens refurbished office in Roma.
Origin opens refurbished office in Roma.

Origin reaffirms commitment to the southwest

A major energy supplier has reaffirmed its commitment to regional Queensland with works now completed at one southwest office.

Speaking at the opening of Origin’s newly renovated Roma office, Resources Minister Scott Stewart said the office space can now accommodate up to 36 staff members.

“The expansion of this office in a regional Queensland town is evidence that Origin continues to grow and develop as significant contributor to our state’s economy,” Mr Stewart said.

“This expanded office helps more families stay in our regional communities and support regional businesses.”

The opening featured an Aboriginal smoking ceremony conducted by Mandandanji man, David (Dook) McCarthy.

Origin opens refurbished office in Roma.
Origin opens refurbished office in Roma.

The smoking ceremony supports Origin’s Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitment to raise awareness of Aboriginal culture.

The collaboration between Origin and local Aboriginal communities is reflected in artwork on display in the building.

“We are proud to work in close partnership with Traditional Owners to ensure the new space

is reflective of Aboriginal culture and history,” Dave Atkin, Origin General Manager for Spring Gully, Denison, and Pipeline Asset said.

Dook, who painted the artwork on display in the refurbished building, said, “we have

cleansed the office through the smoking ceremony, helping to promote a fresh start for

those working and visiting here.”

Origin engaged Duff Builders and other local contractors to complete the extension and refurbishment of the office over the past eight months.

Origin Executive General Manger Integrated Gas Mark Schubert said supporting local businesses was a key element of how Origin shares the benefits of its activities in the communities where it operates.

“During 2020, Origin spent $34.6 million directly with 112 contractors in the Roma region, resulting in another $24.5 million of indirect spending injected into the local economy,” Mr Schubert said.

“Origin is proud to be part of the Maranoa community, where we truly support our ‘live local, work local’ commitment.

“The office expansion to include a larger workspace is a critical step forward to developing an innovative and agile hub for our staff and our core contractors, here in the heart of the Maranoa.”

The new office space contains meeting spaces designated with local Indigenous words.

The space includes an innovative kid’s room which Origin is trialling – school-aged children of employees will be able to complete homework in these spaces after school, allowing regional staff to embrace a more fulfilling work-life balance.

The refurbished Roma office can accommodate 36 people, including temporary staff visiting the region, with future uplift capacity to 52 people.



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