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Paris Hilton fumes at clumsy partygoers

PARIS Hilton fumed at revellers after one of them spilled their drink on her DJ decks.

The 35-year-old star didn't look too pleased that her set at the WALL Lounge in the W Hotel South Beach, Miami was delayed by 10 minutes after a enthusiastic partygoer managed to knock a drink onto the electrical equipment.

In a video posted by TMZ, the heiress can be heard saying: "Just reset it and we'll go back! Dude. No more vodka in the booth! You guys are f***ing up my s**t. I need a shot, by the way, since someone spilled [mine]."

The comments come after the blonde beauty spoke about how much she has "learned" since becoming a DJ.

She shared: "I've learned so much more now. I've been DJing for six years. I produce my own music and I remix live. It's all me. Top name DJs that I really respect [were] like, 'Oh my god Paris Hilton DJing, she can't do that.' Well now those haters come to my nights and they get in the booth with me and are blown away."

Growing up in the spotlight, Paris has learned how to tell if someone actually wants to spend time with her or is just with her for her money.

She shared: "Over the years I have definitely figured out all the signs of a hungry tiger. I can mostly tell when there are paparazzi and I can see the way a person like that reacts. Also, being in this business for so long it's pretty obvious what people's intentions are."

Paris rose to fame starring in reality show 'The Simple Life' alongside Nicole Richie but she isn't in a rush to go back to that.

She explained: "It's not a priority in my life right now. I get calls every day to do different reality shows, but I am very focused on my business and brand. However, if I really loved the concept, it is something I would think about."

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