Pauline Hanson and Steve Dickson in happier times.
Pauline Hanson and Steve Dickson in happier times. Patrick Woods

Pauline Hanson: Steve Dickson's career not over yet

STEVE Dickson and Pauline Hanson should have been popping the champagne corks based on polls showing the surge in One Nation support in Queensland.

Instead, the Member for Buderim was facing the real possibility of being out of a job by next week.

In an emotional speech, Mr Dickson thanked supporters for their help and told them he regretted nothing.

"The sun will come up tomorrow," he said."If we do get some members, if we get the balance of power we will make a difference," he said.

"I'm not going anywhere. If I was a smarter man I would stay in private enterprise."

Senator Pauline Hanson said, "I love you, man", to Mr Dickson as she thanked him for his efforts.

"The vote is not in until the last vote is counted. It doesn't look good now," she said.

"It's yet to be determined how many seats we have here in Queensland.

"I think we will give them a shock. They have to take us seriously.

"We could still end up with the balance of power. If that's true, we will be a force to be reckoned with."

One Nation remains a live chance in at least four seats tonight.

The party's best chances are Mirani, Cook, Mundingburra and Logan, where it is likely to finish second.

The ECQ has counted preferences as if those contests are being fought between Labor and the LNP.

One Nation suffered a double blow early in the vote with Malcolm Roberts conceding defeat in Ipswich - an area that Senator Hanson has claimed as its heartland.

Ms Hanson told Sky News earlier it was too early to say where preferences will fall and the race is still open for One Nation candidates in a number of seats, including Buderim.

"Can I just say, I was defeated in 1998 when I lost my seat, look where I am today right?," she said on Sky News.

"You rise from the ashes again, you pick yourself up, you dust yourself down and you actually have another go. And the fact is that this man is finished with politics, not as far as I'm concerned,"

"I believe he's got a long way to go, he's a dedicated person representing his people, you know who the winner out of this election, the people of Queensland because we've put it on the major political parties that they can't just do whatever they want and just treat the people here with contempt," she said.

"We've actually put them on notice that they have to start representing the people of Queensland. One Nation is not finished because I really do believe we're going to win some seats in this election."

One Nation State Leader Steve Dickson earlier admitted he's trailing in the vote count in his electorate.

Mr Dickson told Sky News while he was not giving up just yet, it was "not looking fantastic" and he would wait to "see what comes of these numbers later in the evening."

When asked about news that her Ispwich candidate Malcolm Roberts was already out of the race, Senator Hanson said she would not conceded defeat there either.

"What's different in this election is preferential voting - the flow of preferences," she said.

- with Madura McCormack, Scott Sawyer and Bill Hoffman

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