Face of Sea Bandit clothing lights up social media

HE LOVES the surf, the sea and the beach so creating his own line of surf apparel is the perfect fit for 19-year-old Johnny Jenkins.

The Boyne Island local has had his sights set on creating a brand for years now, and has finally put it into motion creating an Instagram account to promote Sea Bandit only a week ago.

SEA INSPIRED: 19-year-old Boyne Island resident Johnny Jenkins has created his own brand of surf apparel, Sea Bandit. Photos: Contributed.
SEA INSPIRED: 19-year-old Boyne Island resident Johnny Jenkins has created his own brand of surf apparel, Sea Bandit. Photos: Contributed.

Johnny said he draws his inspiration for the brand from the sea itself, since he can't seem to stay out of it.

"You'll find me surfing, fishing or swimming every weekend," he said,

"I have lived in the region for more than five years now but I'm pretty much a local in Agnes Waters.

"Sea bandit has been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure I got it right, the branding, the style and the name. 

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It's something I want to see through, so it had to be perfect."

The Program Facilities Maintenance apprentice hasn't got anything up for sale yet, and said he's testing the waters to see if Sea Bandit will generate interest before his next move.

"Of course I have a big vision for Sea Bandit but it's not something you can rush into," he said,

"Already on Instagram I have quite a few follows that are loving the brand and style, so if it continues to be something people are genuinely keen to see on the market, I'll start pushing more product and selling it."

But it's not just surf clothing he's interested in, Johnny said his dream would be to one day own a surf job in Gladstone or surrounding regions.

"My dad shapes surfboards in our shed at home and I'd love to make a business out of it," he said.

"I would also be keen to offer surf instructing lessons as part of my business too. There's so many opportunities out there you just don't know where to start.

"But, you have to start somewhere."

Johnny said he is currently in the process of getting more product made in hope of further promoting the brand.

"I think getting Sea Bandit out in the community and seeing people wearing the shirts will really help to get the brand out there and people interested in it," he said.

Those who keen to get involved with promoting the brand should follow Sea Bandit (@seabanditclothing) on Instagram and message Johnny.

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