Street fight on East St Rockhampton.
Street fight on East St Rockhampton. Allan Reinikka ROK291116afight1

Police condemn Rockhampton street fighters

4.00pm: The older male and female in the video said they were trying to protect their son when the fight broke out in East Street today.

The parents (who did not want to be named) of the tall male, who was videoed trading punches with a smaller man, contacted The Morning Bulletin to stress they did not condone violence.

"We agree with everyone, it shouldn't have happened,” the father said.

"It got out of hand, but when you are trying to stop two hot heads that are fighting and are not paying attention to you it's not easy.”

"When we got the chance we chased (the other male) off. There was no such thing as us circling or gang fighting or throwing any punches.”

3.30pm: INSPECTOR Virginia Nelson of Capricornia District City Patrol Group has condemned the actions of those involved in a violent brawl in the Rockhampton CBD.

Insp Nelson said the people involved in the fight could face charges including public nuisance and assault.

"In terms of public nuisance we would arrest people being involved in that type of behaviour,” Insp Nelson said.

"Secondly, wherever there is an assault and we have that complaint we would investigate that thoroughly and commence with charging persons who are involved.

"It is quite rare (to see this type of thing happening in broad daylight) and if we can identify those persons we will find them and we will commence proceedings against them.”

Insp Nelson said cultural violence was a significant issue faced by police and it was important to re-enforce the 'One Punch Can Kill' message.

"Wherever it is, getting involved in any type of altercation, while it might not seem serious at the time can have some really significant and negative consequences for those people involved which is obviously why there are offences around it,” she said.

"Our message is always to members of the community around that that one punch can kill and there's really no need for that kind of behaviour; there are other ways to resolve conflict.”

11.55am: A FIGHT between two men on a Rockhampton street this morning is a deadly reminder that One Punch Can Kill.

Witnesses of the fight said the smaller male was arguing with three other people before the fight broke out.

Both parties were yelling at each other before the small male and taller male began pushing and shoving which escalated into a fight.

The video shows the smaller man in a physical altercation with a taller man as they circle around each other and land punches.

A woman and another man follow the pair before the fights breaks up.

Most people think the One Punch Can Kill campaign surrounds alcohol fuelled violence at nightclubs.

However, statistics of such deaths between February 2005 and August 2012 show 42% occurred in a nightclub or pub, 28% outside a nightclub or pub, 11% at a sports ground, 4% at a residence and 15% elsewhere.

The statistics from the same period show 37% of attackers were aged between 18-23 and 94% of victims were attacked by groups of people.

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