Police locate bottle of scotch down Roma woman’s shorts

With a criminal history “littered with dishonesty offences”, a Roma woman has fronted court after stealing two bottles of scotch, shoving one down her pants.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard on March 16, Rebecca Lee Brown travelled in a taxi on January 20, before she was intercepted by police and officers located a 1.5 litre bottle of Johnnie Walker down her shorts and another bottle on the back seat.

“She didn’t realise she had the bottle and said she’d return it,” police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court.

“CCTV footage confirmed that she stole it.”

The court heard Lee also engaged in two public nuisance type offences.

At 10.40pm on December 10, 2020, police were called to Toowoomba Hospital regarding the defendant being “highly intoxicated”.

“Police arrived and were directed by security officers to speak to the defendant,” sergeant Whiting said.

“She had been yelling and threatening staff and patients, kicking over signs and attempting to damage property.

“She refused to co-operate with police and denied behaving disorderly and told police she was waiting for a bus after visiting her mother.”

Then on February 13, police were called to a home on Downs Street after the defendant turned up to another woman’s house and demanded an apology after she was called a “black sl-t”, sergeant Whiting told the court.

The prosecutor told Magistrate Peter Saggers that her stealing offence was of greatest concern as she has previously served a three month imprisonment sentence for stealing in 2018, with a parole eligibility date.

“Her history is littered with dishonesty offences and the prosecution would submit a term of imprisonment is certainly within range due to the offences before the court,” sergeant Whiting said.

Solicitor Laurie Parker said his client had a lot of stress on her plate.

Mr Parker said his client has started alcohol counselling.

“She has expressed her remorse for her actions and did apologise to the bottle shop and offered to pay,” Mr Parker said.

Lee pleaded guilty to three offences – stealing after previous conviction, commit public nuisance and conduct causing public nuisance.

She was sentenced to three months imprisonment, wholly suspended for 12 months.

For the two public nuisance offences, Lee was fined $750 and the convictions were recorded.

“I don’t know your situation with your kids, but these actions don’t assist your case and I would have thought you would have wanted to do everything for your case concerning your children,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“They should be a motivating factor.

“You have a lengthy history for stealing offences and the prosecution submitted a term of imprisonment.”

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