A SEEMINGLY routine police stop in Adelaide has brought one man to his knees and led to a life sentence of a happy kind.

Norwood man Michael Yuan, 25, recruited two Adelaide police officers to help him pop the question to girlfriend Katie Stellon - and video footage of the elaborate proposal has gone viral after it was posted on social media.

The video, shot using police body cameras and mobile phones, has been viewed more than 12,000 times since it was uploaded on Michael's Facebook page on Wednesday.

The footage shows two police officers - Constables Michael Plunkett and John Henderson - pulling over Michael and Katie, 26, in a side street in Norwood about 3.15pm on Wednesday, June 14.

The incident was all part of Michael's secret plan to propose to his girlfriend of six years.

The couple, both dentists, met while studying at Adelaide University.

Putting their acting skills to the test, the officers tell a faux-stunned Michael why they pulled him over.

"Just letting you know the reason why we stopped you mate is because when we ran your registration, it just came up with a suspect flag on the car," one can be heard saying.

Michael and Katie are individually asked to get out of the car while some fake police checks are run.

Katie is asked her name as well as the name of the driver and what the relationship between them is, to which she responds: "Boyfriend".

"Look, he's not going to be in too much trouble; well he could be in a bit of a lifetime of trouble really," one of the officer's says as he draws Katie's attention to something behind her.

She turns around and sees Michael on one knee, holding open a red box, asking her to marry him.

Stunned, she stares in disbelief at Michael for a few moments before delivering her answer: "Yes, of course".

OMG, OMG, OMG...........
OMG, OMG, OMG........... Supplied

Michael told The Advertiser the proposal took only two weeks to plan.

"An American person did (it) and I saw it on Instagram and I had it at the back of my head," he said.

"I floated the idea with one of my nurses (Caitlin Plunkett) and it turns out her brother is a police officer."

A quick phone call to discuss the idea and Caitlin's brother, Constable Plunkett, and his colleague Constable Henderson were on board.

They sought permission from SA Police management and when they got the green light, the trio began to plan the epic proposal.

The officers would park in a side street in Norwood and give the couple a 15-minute window within which to cruise down the street.

When they did, they would see the usually unwelcome red-and-blue flashing lights of a police car and pull over.

Michael came up with a simple, yet effective, excuse to go for a drive - they needed to get a watch serviced - and when they were pulled over it was show time.

A Facebook picture of Michael Yuan and SA Police constables Michael Plunkett and John Henderson, who helped him set up a stunt to propose to girlfriend Katie Stellon.
A Facebook picture of Michael Yuan and SA Police constables Michael Plunkett and John Henderson, who helped him set up a stunt to propose to girlfriend Katie Stellon. Supplied

Michael said his acting chops were bolstered by his genuine nerves.

"I was shaking like a leaf and I think that made it even more genuine," Michael said.

"She saw my hand shaking."

Michael said the constables "gave me a rough idea about what they were going to say when they pulled me over" but the interaction was mostly adlibbed.

Michael said Katie had been expecting a proposal but was not anticipating the way in which it was delivered.

"Initially (she was in) lots of shock but afterwards she was just trying to figure out how I did it all because I'm not very organised," he said.

"It's a good story to tell our children.

"The boys did so much work. I can't thank SAPOL enough."

Katie said she had no idea how Michael was preparing to propose and initially thought he would be arrested during the traffic stop.

"I was quite confused...I turned around and there he was, it was very, very special," she said.

"I didn't think he would go to that extent and that's why it was such a shock."

The bride-to-be said both families were overjoyed with the news and her phone "hadn't stop vibrating".

The happy couple plans to marry in Adelaide in December, but in the meantime they will be catching up with constables Plunkett and Henderson for celebratory drinks in the coming weeks.

Originally published as Cops help Adelaide man pull off marriage proposal

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