Pregnant Rockhampton woman Kym-Maree Shersby.
Pregnant Rockhampton woman Kym-Maree Shersby. Amber Hooker

Pregnant Rocky mum told to prove morning sickness excuse

A PREGNANT woman who blames morning sickness for her latest court appearance will go to jail if she continues to exhaust the excuse without evidence, a Rockhampton magistrate has warned.

Kym-Maree Shersby, 35, had faced court only days prior to an appearance in custody Monday for breach of bail, after she was charged with entering premises, receiving tainted property and fraud earlier this year.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox told the court Shersby repeatedly failed to report to the North Rockhampton Police Station - a requirement of her freedom - and she had been "accumulating a lot of breach of bail conditions" for which she received fines.

Despite this, duty solicitor Lance Rundle presented a request for bail application, and told the court the woman disputed one of her three breach of bail charges, adamant she had a doctor's certificate for morning sickness which would excuse her.

He told the court Shersby was suffering a "difficult pregnancy", is unemployed, and receives a part carer and disability support pension of about $275 per week, leaving $30-$40 after expenses.

She pleaded guilty to the other two charges relating to June 5 and June 12, after police found and arrested her on June 16.

In convicting and fining Shersby $250 for the two offences, Magistrate Cameron Press assured her if she tried to blame morning sickness during her next court appearance without producing medical proof of morning sickness and that she was on medication, she would go to jail.

"If you breach your bail for that again you are going to have to produce that material," he said.

"Because it's all very easy for defendants to come to court and say, 'this is the problem'... and then it's a different fact often when they are asked to produce evidential material such as doctors reports or certificates.

"If you breach your bail such as don't report and there is no real evidence there, your bail is going to be revoked and you are going to stay in jail until all your matters are done, do you understand that?"

Shersby was granted bail under her existing conditions, and is due to reappear before court on June 28 to contest the third breach of bail charge.

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