Bull and Barley Inn, Cambooya
Bull and Barley Inn, Cambooya

Pub brawl leaves one man with broken jaw, other in jail

A 23-YEAR-OLD man who assaulted a Cambooya pub patron leaving him with a broken jaw will spend at least nine months behind bars.

Cameron John Sweedman had already spent six months in custody after pleading guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm arising from the incident, Toowoomba District Court heard yesterday.

Witnesses had later told police that the 35-year-old complainant man, who had been drinking with a mate at the Bull & Barley Inn on the night of Friday, March 13, 2015, had been "stirring" Sweedman throughout the night, prosecutor Jennifer Cameron told the court.

About 10pm when the complainant man and his friend were asked to finish their drinks by the bar manager, the pair had gone outside on to the veranda, the couirt heard.

Camera footage from the hotel's CCTV on the veranda which was played to the court showed the two men being approached by Sweedman.

With the bar manager trying to stand between the two men, Sweedman is seen to punch the complainant in the face and he slumped forward apparently unconscious.

The 23-year-old then turned on the complainant's mate and punched him a number of times before returning to the unconscious man and striking him again, Ms Cameron said.

The complainant man, who had no recollection of the assault, had surgery three days later to have a plate and screws inserted to his broken jaw, Ms Cameron said.

He also had two damaged bottom teeth removed during the surgery and was on a "no chew" diet for the ensuing six weeks, Ms Cameron said.

She said the defendant had a history of drunken violence in pubs or clubs and that this was "another case of alcohol fuelled gratuitous violence in a licenced premises".

The court heard Sweedman had turned the six months he had spent in custody into a positive aspect of his life and had completed a number of courses to better himself and he believed he now had an improved attitude.

He had been regarded as a model prisoner who helped mentor others in the prison system.

On the night, the complainant man had passed some derogatory comments toward Sweedman who had been in an emotional state at the time due to a relationship break-up the night before.

Judge Brendan Butler said he accepted there had been some verbal provocation by the complainant man but told Sweedman he took "a very dim view" of such violence.

"The consequences of your behaviour have already costs you dearly," Judge Butler told him. "You've spent six months in prison."

Judge Butler declared those six months as time served and sentenced Sweedman to 30 months in jail but ordered he be released on parole as of May 6 after he had served a total nine months.

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